Edenlight Closing Update

The old standing eviction notice ended June 4th.

I look around at all that is still here  – though an enormous amount of plants, compost, and rocks have already gone – and am especially grateful for the extension I have been given.

The new date by which I must actually be gone is July 31st. It was a godsend from human hands. Sales hours at least through June will be Weds – Fri 1 -5, and Weekends 10 – 5. there must still be 600 Japanese Maples.

This give me an opportunity to more thoughtfully promote the necessary foot traffic, as well as to properly relocate the boulders and sacred art infrastructure up to EarthRise at IONS.

On my last visit to the retreat center I was given a golf cart tour by  the assistant director who has lived on the 194 acre property for 10 years, and wanted to be sure I was familiar with the Earth energy patterns, including a Miwok massacre site ( Yes, there was a bounty on Native Americans here on their beautiful land), which still needs an offering of focused grounded love. Our planet is covered with similar cosmic wounds.

I look forward to my installation at EarthRise with excitement, gratitude , and awe. They had 5000 visitors last year. I’ve only been up twice so far, but I feel at home there. The views alone are something Edenlight lacked, for  she WAS  the view. Now she can spread her wings of light. She already has.

Knowing the alchemic magic of Edenlight is real, and not fantasy, I harbor no fears that EarthRise is any less so. Both shall benefit greatly from their synergy.

Thank you, Charlotte, Edgar, and Debra. Charlotte for the extension, Edgar for his vision, and Debra for finding me. Although I doubt I was truly lost.


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