As Grand as You Like

What too few take into account while we are adjusting our frequencies to conform with those of The Heavens which are now in and about us, is how very hard we have worked through near countless “practice” lives, just so that we could BE HERE NOW. We are still practicing.

Those who DO know are being felt.

Since the Heavens are now grounded everywhere, the missing link, the missing ingredient, for our human racial awakening- our divine evolution – is actually a rather subtle “click” in the consciousness: the Heart opening to its normal unsuppressed state.

It is where our natural mind dwells; the one which does NOT produce the chatter and thoughts that reflect any sense of separateness from Source. All judgements do that. It doesn’t produce thoughts at all. It simply interrelates – harmonizes – with all the other love emanating from the rest of creation (which is the grandest aspect of each of us).

All actions IMG_4896.JPGIMG_4910and reactions are then essentially divinely guided, life become synchronous, no one is the same or EXPECTED to be, and everyone gets what they need while wanting nothing.

Even if the need is very grand.

All of this is only a tough sell in light of the epic system of disinformation long in place to make it sound either delusional, heretic, ridiculous, and perhaps the most persuasive: ignorant. The only thing that might actually be ignorant is blind trust in anything OTHER than our indwelling divinity.

Nothing imitates itself so well as fear. Our puppet masters have assumed that they have perfected this, because they actually have done an outstanding job. As far as that goes. It’s OK. They are not going to win, except in the higher sense that unknowingly they have brought us to the brink of our clarity. And we are still afraid to see it. This too shall pass.

The sooner they are all deposed, forgiven, and smothered in love, all imitation and intimidation has permission to stop.

It is generally understood how difficult cultural re-entry is for someone long incarcerated. It is no less so for a whole civilization accustomed to – and virtually dependent upon –  being lied to.

My own return from the Peace corps in Togo, West Africa, in 1971, to Western culture (San Francisco), was like having a cacophony of lights, sounds, technology, and demands coming out of everywhere. It’s amazing we have learned to dance with such chaos. I had been living in a mud hut with no electricity at a pace strongly influenced by a tribe of happy, somewhat lethargic animist Muslims. It had been much easier adjusting “down” to their simpler lifestyle and its ambient frequency. Coming back home, my readjustment was aided by spending 3 months with my family in the Chihuhuan desert of southern New Mexico. I built a cactus garden and saved my mind.

Adjusting “down” to  allow Heart Consciousness to be our default “mind” is not too different from that leaving behind of the rat race of vanity driven by the very “Matrix” driven “civilization” we are participating in.

Those I call the Puppet Masters, are the unseen, often unnamed, power elite (less than the 1%), to whom most elected officials must answer, regardless of the party entertainment and distractions.

They are entirely accustomed to controlling us trough chemistry, religion, misinformation, and largely manufactured dramatic events (like 911)  which are presented to us by their omni-present and omni-surveilling media  and technology. All we really need is a NEW APP? Give us a break.

That is the old paradigm we were frightened into believing we NEEDED.

And will evaporate as soon as we have the collective courage to forgive and FORGET.

It is way more grand than advertised.




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