Heart Shaped Things

A heart shaped catalpa leaf,

The eyes of an Irish potato,

A good hearted melon thief

In love with a striped tomato.


A cloud filled summer sky,

An ocean under moonless stars,

A mournful lone coyote cries,

While hyenas laugh at ruddy Mars.


A mist of ginger essence,

The buzz of a fly on a screen,

We notice in our Presence,

Now so much so long unseen.


Smell the coffee, inhale the roses,

Walk in the tallest cotton,

Imagine walking in the sandals of Moses,

Or perhaps those of the Only Begotten.


Whether the eye is open or closed,

The beauty transcends the sight.

To an open heart all lie exposed,

And the rainbow light displaces night.


On a weed filled county road,

In the shadow of the waxing moon

A tunnel to tomorrow glowed,

Or was it just a lost balloon?


A heart shaped stone on the beach,

In the eyes of a distant traveler;

No promise lies beyond our reach,

In the Law of the Great Unraveler.


” Love’s Promise”



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