The Edge of the World

There are still those who insist the world is flat; that perhaps the curvature is some optical effect of an airplane window…? This is a free will planet, so that means we have the freedom to either agree or disagree, or even to propose our planet is pyramidal or cubic.

Those fortunate enough to have spent time safely in “outer” space, such as those who have traveled to, or around, the moon, or who have orbited the Earth – sometimes for months – would mostly say the world appears spherical.

The only reason I might accede a bit of credence to the Flat-earthers is that all reality is indeed belief based. All of creation.

Many realities exist; probably as many as there are beings, or points of consciousness. It is no stretch from there to at least consider that if a hypothetical half of the population truly believe the world we live on is flat, with edges, then for them it is true.

Nor is it far from there back to the concept of the observer effect, wherein the outcomes of identical experiments differ based on the expectations of those participating in them.

So, if expectations, which are no doubt most effective when supported by a strong  belief, can have that powerful an effect on what appears to be reality, why do relationships based on expectations rarely work as well as those based on agreement?Because the expectations don’t align.

Those who believe the world is round are in agreement.  There are other agreements.

It probably doesn’t matter much in terms of most people’s daily lives. The Round-earthers in general are inclined to travel greater distances than those more concerned with falling off the edge of the world.

So if half were to believe in round, and half in flat, and those believers are not segregated in any way, what might that kind of shared reality actually feel like?

A lot like the energy on Earth today, where most believe in a round planet: Chaos, insecurity, and the willingness to imitate and be controlled by agendas which have given us “free will amnesia” .It would likely feel exactly the same if most believed in a flat Earth.

We have all been to the Edge of the World. Many times, and regardless of our belief, gravity has never betrayed us and let us fall off – although it may have felt like it.

My personal favorite spot is where the South Atlantic pours up into the sky like a thousand mile wide upside down Victoria Falls, disappearing into a rainbow mist full of giant pulsating jellyfish with non-toxic tentacles, and like all jellyfish navigate their reality with no brain present.  There are a few fairly consistent “pipelines” at the base of the rising “falls” which are world class, world edge, surfing opportunities.

It is the writer’s hope that the reader is able to distinguish mandatory flights of fancy from the “real” edges of the World.


EarthRise Retreat Center at IONS


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