I have met and know a number of people who’s name is not the one they were given at birth. A name might be acquired any number of ways as a choice, or gift, or both. Names like Karma and Krishna, Grace and Blue Sky. It is not such a bad idea to have a name which reflects one’s sense of life purpose.

If I were to change my name, it would be to Lovejoy.  Just Lovejoy. It pretty much wraps things up in a tidy package.

The two parts: Love and Joy, embody the reason that Edenlight is an uber alchemic success. The Heavens would not have grounded and anchored under any lesser circumstances.

I do not have to pinch myself, either to experience  pain, which I have done (experienced pain), or to prove that we are in Heaven (or at least that Heaven is here). It is here. This is most assuredly going to bum out The One World Order and their cooperative minions.

Explain to me why so many folks on a free will planet spend much of their time and potentially creative consciousness glued to news which is entirely fabricated, orchestrated and choreographed to confuse and distract us?  We were designed to create our own reality and NOT be imitators of beings with no doubt excellent minds but NO HEART..

And guess what?  The reason that those who are alive today are here is to experience this all together. There are babies being born who shall help save us by embodying the energies of consciousness that resonate with The New Earth.  Beings who will never have to endure the cultural and historic pain and disfunction which has brought us to this threshold.

And guess what else?  Those  puppet masters who DID and DO know what they do; we must forgive. They require amnesty BIG TIME, and this is actually being discussed at very high levels you won’t hear about yet. Their abuses of Earth and Mankind MUST be forgiven in order for us to move forward. Maybe we give them their own planet to fester on, but we must forgive. They, too, are a part of us, and have served their purpose. They too must now evolve along with the rest of us.

If we are really on the ball, the sooner we love them unconditionally, the long wait for enlightenment will be over. That is when we truly master self love.

The rainbow carpet is already rolled out. It presents itself for ALL beings.

There are no Killjoys living in this dismantling garden, who’s roots are now globally systemic. The only common necessary nutrient required to make these roots an inseparable mass of support is Love.


True Brilliance



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