Who Is Adjusting the Mirror?

The journey through the eye of the needle was more like eternity in a claustrophobic tunnel.  At times it was the false light of the trickery of expectation that gave me the only perceived hope to cling to before adjusting my eyes to the beacon of truth at the end of the tunnel, which was, lol; the liberating glow of surrender. Ascended Masters and benevolent elementals guided the way.

People ask me what I would do if someone were NOW to show up to help me buy Edenlight. I guess these questions pop up to test me.  Trust me, folks, I am resolved and surrendered. Nearly six months of a nightmare eviction process which was never supposed to happen did the trick. A huge door closed, and a more magnificent one opened. The enormous amount of sympathy and support I have received during this life altering event is heart warming to say the least.

These are phenomenal times to trust in divine guidance.

Without the slightest desire to go back, in spite of a surreal level of ongoing grief as a piece of Edenlight at a time disperses into the world, there is also a new glow growing inside.  There are sustained periods when I can do nothing but feel it and acknowledge it. If it is a quickening, it doesn’t feel particularly fast to play out – though I know it will.

None of the reflective surfaces of my life appear quite the same, but then what I have long considered the foundation of this life is being Unbuilt a day at time.

But the reflection is no longer fear colored, or soaked in angst. It is more like being drenched in milk and honey, without the sticky part. It must be quite possible to grieve surrendered attachments, while learning to move forward.

It might help to explain the ever present exhaustion.

The Earth is Rising.


This particular scene will never be seen again. But that is just another basic truth.


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