We Have Done More Than Just Hope For This

Those of us who have merged here from circuitous past and future life streams for the purpose of consciously anchoring the new paradigm – the multi upper dimensionality of “The Heavens”- are now finding one another en masse. This is excellent in the extreme. I have never encountered so much raised consciousness as I have since surrendering Edenlight and meeting the citizens of EarthRise.

The confidence in holding such a sacred focus increases exponentially. The shift is in full swing.  2017 will be recognized as the year it got “locked in”.  It is not only the 5th and 6th dimensions we resonate with now.  The heavens are crystallizing their diamond rainbow light into the whole planet now – including all of our bodies and “minds”.

Begin noticing and enjoying it. It may take some resolve, and even greater courage. The only thing there is to fear is the loss of ancient illusions. That is simply the generic predisposition to resist change. The American president is in place to show us how desperately we HAVE TO change.

Participate in the shift.  Embrace it with trust.  That is the final step.  Some say it will take until 2038. But it has begun most assuredly, and we can accelerate it with a merging of our heart and unity consciousness.

We are in it.  It is finally happening. Very few yet realize what this means to the entire cosmos.

All efforts to stop this over countless millennia were -are- a chance for us to learn and remember who we are beyond any question of choice or illusion. Those efforts are now starting to get frustrated by more and more light revealing the outrageous lies we are told. Our awakening has very much to do with no longer fearing truth.

I encountered a younger man friend recently who said he envied my sense of purpose. That he really wished he knew what his purpose is.

I tried explaining that he is living it . We all are.  Especially those on Earth for this major cosmic event we have brought about.  I told him he has a good heart he should listen to: one that truly knows how loved he is, and that his own capacity to love is no less. It is ALL of our job to lose the veneers, charges, blockages, static, and all the other energetic cooties that allow us to perceive our illusory “self” as something separate from the Awesome ONE.

It is neither right nor wrong to fulfill one’s purpose with grandiose achievements.

If we each simply focus on our completeness ONLY in the Diversity within that Oneness , with some degree of loving respect, we are setting the perfect vibration for the New Earth, and will be there all the sooner.

It is already built, and we are almost one with it now – the now that will carry the day.

On a slightly opposite note, of all the dimensional “hells” that exist based purely on negative belief systems, the easiest way to end up in one of them, rather than by various “misdeeds” is by disdain and contempt for other life, and the simple failure to accept the elegant truth within our unity.


Santa Barbara Daisies understand unity better than most people. But they are being patient with us. And very good at making themselves right at home.








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