Twenty Seventeen, or Two Thousand Seventeen, (2017)


Edenlight, 1/1/2013


Fetus of a new universe, 2016.

Some future versions of history will credit 2017 as the year humanity’s greatest paradigm shift began – in other words; the dimensional transformation we have all Long awaited.

Aspects of this shift – now a leap – came into the planet in the mid sixties, and crescendoed about 1972, when there was sort of a climax of downloaded New Age wisdom. One of my favorite books, THE SECRET LIFE OF PLANTS, was published then.

There came a new awareness of spirituality as opposed to dogma. We became aware of Eastern religions.   Of yoga.  Of The One.   Of Unity.  Crystal Consciousness,  Natural Health.   The Beatles played no small role.   There was a reawakening to awareness of the benevolent gifts in Nature’s Cornucopia.  We learned that we live in a fragile environment that can actually be abused by humans.  And is.

People learned to meditate, one by one, and in groups. Group consciousness grew among we Light Workers here to shepherd in the shift.  Some of us learned to ignore the well choreographed media invoked smoke, mirrors, and fireworks of all the bright puppets with their control strings hidden in The Shadows.

Technology made quantum leaps,  with more E. T. contribution than is officially admitted: Amazing, addicting, distracting, divinity – and nature –  avoiding technology.

Our awakening is now always on this see-saw of the choice between a heart based magically divine inspired life, or a mind founded surrogate alternative reality; a place where alternative facts hardly seem out of place ( although nature is never fooled).

In our innate divinity, which shall make its most profound racial metamorphosis between 2017 and 2038, we shall discover the infinite choices of expression we didn’t know we possessed. We are becoming now our radiant,  rather than reactive, selves – already encoded in our DNA.

Why 2017? This is the year The Heavens – not the 5th and 6th dimensions alone – have been irreversibly grounded and anchored into this entire planet ; a web of interdimensional frequencies.  You may correctly call it “an enchantment”.

Why until 2038? It may take us that long to recognize it, and finally resonate with it, as insanity releases its grip. Complex social systems must be reinvented.

Then The Aquarian Age truly  begins.

HISTORY:  History can be, and is, written many ways based on agenda. What recorded history we do have reflects only a few narrow 3rd dimensional perspectives of what has actually transpired here within The Quantum Field, where time and space are a compelling illusion, and All realities are belief based.  Whole societal groups have previously ascended – as we are now doing en masse as the human race.

We should not be too shocked to discover our own fossils from an alternate holocaust, which we have chosen not to manifest again.


This is one of the series of photos I took of Edenlight,   A RAINBOW GODDESS OF PEACE AND HEALING , January 1, 2013, at 1:30 am.


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