If If we are able to imagine WANTING to be influenced by something, what does that mean?  How can we then imagine what that influence might be , if it is something we don’t yet resonate with or possess?  If we can’t imagine that the something that’s missing is our perfect access to EVERYTHING , why did I even wonder this?

I believe I have always longed to be influenced by the purest possible truth.  Why?  It came through the birth canal with me.  And many times before.  And I too, like most people, forget to breathe deeply often enough.

It is only now, nearing 69 years of age, that I begin to understand the power within a clear, clean focus of intent, as well as all of its opposing obstacles.

My core intent was to be influenced by something I already had,  but needed help finding within the 3-D morass of history, culture, religion, family, media science, and the innate knowing that I needed  to activate the 10 other divine strands of DNA – making the 2 that account for our biology and limited physical mind quite a bit less dominant, yet healthier.  We all have 12 strands.

I was, and AM, able to imagine being influenced by something so much more important than fabricated information appearing on a screen. We have had “1984”  for quite a while now.  It’s as good an opponent as any, though, for it has captured all of us at one time or another ( if not continuously) which is actually a propitious common denominator.  We all share enormous common lessons of falsehood and truth.

By important, I mean create a paradigm that is loving, compassionate, equitable, respectful, creative, nonjudgmental, and just generally caring about, and for, ALL life. If we open our hearts, we should be able to slide through this very active cosmic shift we are in as though we all just got outfitted with PowerGlide transmissions.

The true dream is not to imagine this, but to EMBODY it.

If death is the awakening from the dream of life,  what I imagine, then is the removal of any distinction:  which is but a veneer of something we call fear.  Fear has had, and continues to have,  a lot of influence.

It’s all about choosing the influence of a grander illusion.

And we are doing that!



Turquoise, Pink Andara, Turkey Feather,Chinese Sandstone.


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