Now that I am entering a world full of scientists who are bridging the “worlds” of hard physics and metaphysics, I have sound incentive to rethink some of my rebellion against Western Consciousness. Thomas Merton agrees.


The IRIS/ World Peace Shrine, now at EarthRise.  Edenlight lives on over the Greater Planet now.

I have long known that balance is lovely. And I am beginning to see some, as the worlds of Spirit, interdimensionality, and divine magic are actually enjoying more popular and respectful attention. Some people are totally aware that The Heavens are in fact already grounded to Earth. – but what does that really mean to everyone?  We will surely see over the next 20 or so years, as we all begin to appreciate the union of East and West, Yin and Yang, Blue and Green ( it makes Aqua: our new grounding color), and the magnificent understanding that we are all part of only one infinitely varied thing. All create something greater than the sum of their parts.

I have made whole lists of just such advantageous dichotomous unions just for the fun of it;   Alice and Ralph, Wine and Cheese, Cats and Mice, Black and White, Pentecostals and Buddhists ….

I know in self honesty that I have never felt I had the discipline (or desire) to follow strict scientific thought or procedure. In that truth comes a greater respect for those who pursue and do this, the physical, 3D science and its role in human evolution, for it is doubtful that neither science nor metaphysics are in any danger of disappearing into one another.




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