In Transition

IMG_5793Planting a heart of naked lady lilies along the road up to EarthRise.


A drop of nectar glistens, filling the tiny bottom lip of a finger nail size wild orchid blossom.

A plump, sleep, unusually dark brown, rather than golden, alligator lizard parked itself by the base of the failing deer fence.

The disassembled redwood stage, unscrewed board by board, revealed not one, not two, but three juvenile o’possums who wandered off in search of new sanctuary. This seems to be happening to lots of people.

The giant rocks are gone, a forest of trees remains, and remains so little time here to smell the roses’ fruity scents, or the burnt sugar, cotton candy fragrance mysteriously hovering around the Katsura tree, which I always took as a gift from the elementals.

All of the chickens are gone, a strange kind of empty, with no more rooster serenades. No Gandalf medicine.


Gardeners and nature lovers get to play amongst some of the most beautiful tips and expressions of all creation. They, and planet lovers , shall inherit the New Earth, where ALL space shall be known as sacred, and appear so.  We needn’t expect less.


As it may now be called,  featuring our new grounding color in the form of a perfect hue of aqua Aventurine, and being the most sophisticated ( that was the adjective given in 2013) “computer chip” of SiO2 (quartz) on the planet, the triangle embodies infinite active joyful undaunted potential.  Included in this capacity is very much its operational and manifest purpose to receive individually and collectively our highest intentions and incorporate them into the new paradigm. That’s why we are here. The triangle is not more intelligent than we are, but certainly more conscious.  Let’s not confuse the two concepts.

The triangle is one of the heaviest Edenlight installations to yet be moved in the next few weeks.

OUR MOST PRECIOUS CHALLENGE is to embody the magic of our own innate Divinity. A fully open heart is the passkey.


Manifesting our Choices


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