Sale Update and NEW GARDEN!

The final date of EdenLight the Garden is July 31. All prices are now 50% off or less. As everything at Edenlight is perfectly enchanted with heavenly frequencies, anything you buy and take home includes this priceless bonus of paradigm shifting energy.

The transition of art, minerals and magic up to EarthRise now includes plants as well. , I’ve got the go ahead to create a mini Edenlight Portal Garden at Earthrise and have already taken up 6 truck loads of plants., and tons of special boulders.

Please understand that I am donating my life’s work to a world class non-profit scientific/metaphysical retreat center. To make this new creation work, other than the mountain of material I am donating, there is no funding for labor, irrigation, tractor work, deer fencing , etc.

This new installation will contain the Love Grounding Engine portal columns, as well as the Turtle Island Mandala. It will be a destination point for any embracing the shift we are undergoing.

I am going to put together a “Go Fund Me” for this project, but don’t know how to go about it yet.

Edenlight deserves no less.

Thank you for all ideas and support.


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