God Looks Just Like US


One of God’s many cameo appearances

We have always looked just like “God”, but God has not always looked like us.

It is all metaphoric, for an experiential reference while in the third dimension.

In that mysterious BEGINNING already existed all points in “time”, all universes, all fractal expression, all creation possibility.  Including us now.

We are each a phenomenal singular aspect of Source consciousness embodied in our current expressive form.  “God” is not whole without each of us, each bee, each microbe, each world populated with humanoids very similar to ourselves.

The greatest rewards come to those who embrace this holy unity of creation with hearts who’s level of loving allowance without judgement approaches that coming from our infinitely loving Origin.

What we look like is a handy way for us to earn to get along with truly meaningless differences, as well as to simply get along with ourselves. The more we judge someone else’s appearance (or life style) the deeper we are sucked into the tar pit behind the mirror.

So yes, we look just like God, and God looks just like us, as well as trees, rocks, furniture, UFO’s, oceans, comets, peanut butter and graham crackers.

It simply requires getting out of our 3D box minds preoccupied with the survival of the flesh (courtesy of our 2 3D strands of biological DNA), and begin resonating with those aspects of our 10 other strands of Divine genetics which best serve us and  cannot be observed via microscope. That is when we “see” the “God” in all that is and know it is an integral part of ourselves.

We can redesign the way God looks, any time we want. That is but one of the gifts awaiting within our own encoded divinity which is now awakening across the planet!



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