From EdenLight to EarthRise


This announcement is being distributed at the IONS conference at the Oakland Marriott July 20 – 23.  Two months ago I didn’t even realize this dream could happen.

When my eviction from Edenlight the garden began( after 25 years of ever increasing dedication and success at grounding the Heavens to Earth) I had no way of knowing that The Universe had even more wonderful plans for us.

This segue is to a symbiosis of both scientific and spiritual passion and pursuit.

Our mutual dedication to The RISE of Earth and Mankind is a heavenly marriage made right here on the rising Earth.

My sincere gratitude goes out to those who always believed in me and the growing number, most especially now at EarthRise, who believe now.

The Heavens HAVE been grounded, and our ascension – The SHIFT of the entire planet to the new Aquarian Age paradigm –  is our united and foregone purpose.

We are dreaming in this reality with a focused alliance of our hearts and minds.

We are indeed the graduating class of humanity. It has NEVER been an empty promise.

It shall no longer be a battle of mind versus heart, but a consecration of the greater unification.


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