Our success at grounding The Heavens to Earth at Edenlight is in no small part due to the idea behind this word which I first heard last week as it manifest from the mind and mouth of Johnny Calvert, CFO of IONS: The Institute of Noetic Sciences.

It came up during a discussion about the non-native plants and rocks moving from Edenlight to The EarthRise Retreat Center at IONS. There were some folks questioning if the sacred land would accept this.  I was explaining that my entire creed is based on Non-Exclusivity, and that Edenlight, Rainbow daughter of Iris,  mirrors her mother’s embodiment of ALL colors which make up the One White Light from which we are All made. I explained that Edenlight Garden was composed of the United Nations of Plant, Mineral, and Animal Spirit energies. The first sign I placed in the garden says: All Beings Are Welcome.

A light came upon Johnny’s face, and out came the word: Inclusivity.  It may not actually be a new word, but in the context of the grounding of The Heavens to Earth it assumed new life.

Loving one another and revering all life has no room for the illusion of exclusivity. A strong intellect is by no means a prophylactic against narrow-mindedness; against the compelling third dimensional illusions of separation.

Nor is it the mind alone which is capable of grasping the infinite power and beauty contained within the Truth of our unity; our Oneness. The heart must be fully employed to catalyze such divine magic. And magic it is.

Those religious and spiritual groups and institutions which fail to recognize Inclusivity as the magic key shall continue to fail at their supposed ultimate goal until this changes within them.

The World is full of Buddhist, Christian, Islamic and countless other enclaves of snobbishness or exclusivity which literally keeps heaven from their doors. The Islamic Jihad is one of the greatest examples of spiritual self sabotage imaginable. That is simply the extreme. ALL forms of exclusivity keep that door closed, which creates a form of incestuous dead-end disfunction. Self righteousness fits in this category famously.

Be very suspicious of Anything claiming to be THE ONLY WAY to Source which already dwells in all things: All of US.  Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, and ALL Bodhisattva agree whole heartedly.


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