Night Photos of Incoming Consciousness


Moving Orb with unfinished “Mother Nature” sculpture.



We only see what we are prepared to believe. Always.


Islands in Mother Nature


Lily of the Nile


New Guinea Impatiens







Wherever you may observe and experience the work of Mother Nature, may you be inspired to appreciate the spectacular inclusivity which She embodies so well, so infinitely; so fractal in its beauteous creativity.

We have the choice of being One with all this, One with All That Is, or….separate. We can imagine we are an island, while forgetting an island could not BE without its surrounding waters, and what it is that it fills or flows through; or from whence Any of it came.

Island: as good a solid illusion as any. Mother Nature has never forgotten Her Source essence.  We are striving toward that same Beginning Without End, which we already contain cellularly.

Islands are especially beautiful Only because of the greater context in which they exist. If you want to think you’re an island; fine. It makes you no less beautiful except in your own eyes.   A rather serious oversight.

Leaving Eden

The disassembly of Edenlight the garden has been the last chapter at Edenlight University. In the past few months the best and worst of human nature have appeared.

The best have appeared in the form of generosity with time, money, material, and emotional  support. Vultures have more natural integrity than the small handful of greedy opportunists who showed up when I began giving plants away.  Only plants, please. Some of the worst offenders were those who boldly walked off with lots of plants that people had already paid for or tagged clearly. Yesterday I caught a lady stuffing the back of her white Denali with part of my 26 year rock collection which I had segregated by the gazebo.  Her excuse: “They’re only ROCKS,” she shrieked at me. I told her that with that attitude about the sacred rocks she should find a planet to live on where there aren’t any rocks. I also told her she was setting a wonderful example for her teenage son who she was having help her, and wasn’t she even a tiny bit concerned about her karma…? She then screamed it was MY karma. OK. I did somehow attract her.

Caught someone going out the back gate with the rock face of Isis. Someone else took the cherry wood base to the “Mother Nature ” carving I had been working on all week to take up to EarthRise. If I had been somewhere else for even a split second I would not have found them putting it in their hatchback.  Whew.

As much as I will miss the garden, I won’t miss any more of that kind of spirit masquerading as human.

I’m not leaving Eden.

It is going out into the world with me.  Edenlight has already done this.

The other evening I was walking around the garden looking for any pretty flower to photograph. There were none. But I have been taking more pictures and finding more beauty out in the world – in nature,  or OTHER peoples’ gardens.  Lots of beauty.   In my inner dialogue with Edenlight the Rainbow Being – daughter of Iris, Goddess of Peace and the Rainbow – I commented that I am finding her increasingly elsewhere. Her response to this was, ” I am everywhere.”  “You have done that?” I asked. “I have done that.” she said.

I believe her.