Islands in Mother Nature


Lily of the Nile


New Guinea Impatiens







Wherever you may observe and experience the work of Mother Nature, may you be inspired to appreciate the spectacular inclusivity which She embodies so well, so infinitely; so fractal in its beauteous creativity.

We have the choice of being One with all this, One with All That Is, or….separate. We can imagine we are an island, while forgetting an island could not BE without its surrounding waters, and what it is that it fills or flows through; or from whence Any of it came.

Island: as good a solid illusion as any. Mother Nature has never forgotten Her Source essence.  We are striving toward that same Beginning Without End, which we already contain cellularly.

Islands are especially beautiful Only because of the greater context in which they exist. If you want to think you’re an island; fine. It makes you no less beautiful except in your own eyes.   A rather serious oversight.


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