Even though we are well into the Paradigm Shift, the most obvious symptom of it at this time is the ubiquitous chaos. This is mostly evident to the 99% who are not outrageously insulated from it by ego and wealth. It is a false but pervasive buffer from a greater reality. By no means does it remove them from the Laws of Karma, and the interconnectedness of all things, all events, all outcomes.

It is argued that this geopolitical, economic, and social chaos is essential to bring about change. Positive change, as change is also Law.

A record amount of lives in upheaval, displacement, disappointment, and grief.

Fear is certainly not taking a vacation.

There is most certainly Spiritual Chaos as well. Our rapport between the Etheric and the Elemental is being severely challenged by our self identities and fears, while being offered unprecedented “cosmic” assistance to awaken into our “higher” already present selves. Fundamental bigotry would of course prefer to remain here. All energies, light or dark, have self preservation as a priority.

The more light we shine the more we stir up and attract the dark. Darkness will alway seek the weakest point in the brightest light. I experienced this during my 8 month eviction process at Edenlight- something I had the vanity to believe could not happen.

Yesterday I met a new caretaker up at the Earthrise Retreat Center. He asked my why I had brought so many plants up there, which led to my telling some of the recent story of Edenlight. He then shared an observation from many years of sailing on San Francisco Bay:  When the tide changes, there is a dramatically visible line of demarcation between the ingoing and outgoing bodies of water, characterized by between a quarter and half mile wide line of turbulence and debris.

We are currently in this kind of debris field, which is known as The Tide Line,and it is only our hearts, our will, and our reverence for truth that can turn this tide we are in into The New Earth.


In nature these borders where ecosystems intersect are called transition zones. It is where the greatest biodiversity exists, such as where land meets water, or the edge of a prairie, or  the edge of a woods where sun and shade mix.

This time in history is a metaphysical, and ultimately physical, transition zone. The old paradigm of survival and self concern is being steadily and surely overshadowed by a greater awareness of the inherent interconnectedness – interdependence – of all that is.

Clinging to old paradigm fears and the dogmas that have preserved them are but food for the chaos. One of the most pervasive of these is that the Source of all things is somehow able to judge and punish. That is something only WE have excelled at.


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