The Tide Line

Please forgive the literary liberties with metaphor, but these make the point: We are now living in The Tide Line described in the Chaos post.

If we were actually swimming in this turmoil out in the middle of The Bay, we wouldn’t be thinking about metaphor. We would be trying to survive. This is what most of us are involved in now.

The tides of the Past and the tides of the Future are our Tide Line now. They are opposing.  In physics, this intersection or opposition of paradigms or disciplines is where all the exciting changes and discoveries occur.  Where the currents meet and mix is kind of a super Petri dish of possibilities.

We have a choice in this maelstrom. We always have a choice. The most important choices are typically challenging. We are coming into The Age of Aquarius, so it is useful to perceive and pursue this new Tide of promise and the liberation from fear with conscious resolve.

Right now, no matter what we do it may feel like we are swimming against the tide. This is the nature of The Tides of Change.

If we allow fears acquired from the media and the orchestrated world events, combined with our own personal life challenges,  to depress and defeat us, the Old Tide will pull us under, and we will likely be swept out to sea. physical death is always ultimately inevitable. Spiritual death and the energies of higher consciousness are Not.

Fear itself is a form of spiritual death; the opposite of life creating and life supporting Love.  Selfishness, greed, judgement, and bigotry are all the illegitimate children of fear. Why illegitimate? Because we conceive and deliver them outside of a union with the uniting spirit of all things: Love.

I have talked about Faith earlier. Whether our faith is religious, spiritual, or a naturally optimistic nature, something of that sort is absolutely essential. Without it, the distractions which cause us to fear for our survival, to fail to rejoice in our unity, to fail to embrace the essential beauty in diversity,  shall prevail.  They are deeply entrenched within our third dimensional experience. The old controls over us do not want to let go.  Dismantling Edenlight is something I had no intention of ever doing.  I surely resisted – which is Not how to acquire or retain something-but the prevailing energies around me “won”.  My higher belief is that The Divine won. It certainly helps me to believe so. My personal faith includes believing that even this apparent loss was choreographed by a sophisticated and ultimately benevolent matrix of energies: the energies of the Light.

I am reminded of a single line in Eckhardt Tolle’s The Power of Now:  “All structures are temporary.”

It’s kind of amazing that many of the traditional systems which limit us in so many ways are maintained by only a handful of mostly anonymous individuals.

They are The Dying Tide Now. Don’t be overly discouraged if their reign of terror doesn’t seem to end soon enough. We have been long saturated by being accustomed to their reek of death, but it Will end. The largely economic tools they use to suppress us shall become completely obsolete. They can’t hide in plain sight too much longer. They have long prevented the intervention and aid from higher consciousness ,which while already on the Earth, are not OF the Earth. This applies equally to Jeshua and many extra-terrestrials.

Swim INTO the incoming Tide.  Embrace it. It is The Rising Tide.  Do not fear or doubt the coming of wonderful surprises, for they are already within Gaia’s new frequencies.

The old waters of deception cannot maintain their grip in this tidal upswell of consciousness and the full light of this rising sun of The New Dawn that is illuminating and opening our hearts.

Turning around and swimming backward is no longer even possible, other than in the fear driven mind.


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