Communing With the Trees


An enchanted Bay named Guindemere


The view while seated in the triple Bay, who’s name is Elijah, though I hear it as Elajah. Center tree’s name is Honor.


A Blue Oak, (Quercus douglasii)  further up the mountain. It is One tree; the yin on the left, and yang on the right. Its name is Granlee.


The triple Bay, Elijah, at center. The bowing Bay at top is named Sharanga.


Wasp galls on a fallen Quercus lobata (Valley Oak) leaf.

You could say I’m a tree hugger.  You could say I’m a dreamer.  But I’m not the only one… Thank goodness.  You could also say we’re all in trouble if we can’t IMAGINE. This is a problem I’m not having.  At Edenlight garden I constructed a large assembly of Porphyry Granite and Pink Aventurine Quartzite which represented the Pillars of Heaven and Earth, and was dedicated to John Lennon and George Harrison.  During my dedication meditation years ago, when I thanked them both for what they had given us I was rewarded with a brief reciprocal acknowledgement complete with the British accents!  Its title is “Imagine, My Sweet Lord” and is now standing at the back of The Oak Grove up at the EarthRise Retreat Center at IONS.

I have been hiking in the hills behind my house since 1985.  Having a gate in the back yard that opens directly onto The Mt. Burdell Open Space Preserve made this convenient. The wooded canyons and grassy slopes were compellingly inviting (and still are),  though seemingly less lush and biodiverse than where nature first captivated me in my native Montgomery County, Ohio.

If I am to revere all diversity, nowhere is it more diverse than within the world of Nature.  Perhaps our greatest challenge is realizing  that all humans are part of this truth.  Having recently completed a sculpture titled Mother Nature and The Rock of Ages was evidently preparatory to this next phase of my life I’m in without the surrounding comfort and magic of Edenlight the Garden. The Rock of Ages part is represented by an eight pound chunk of Rose Quartz, a pink form of Silicon dioxide (SiO2), representing “nothing” more than Love.

Having hugged a lot of humans in recent years, both male and female, while actually connecting energetically rather than just going through ceremonial motions, has not been a wasted exercise.  Now that I’m actively revisiting my old stomping grounds behind the house, I am not only drawn by the earth magic, but experiencing it on a whole new level: when I say say I hug and talk to trees, it is not just romantic metaphor.  I can Feel their diversity, and most importantly, their love. It is in fact the Source Love within us.  Often now, the tree’s names come almost faster than I can ask.

One tree in particular, a triple trunked California Bay Laurel tree, seems to have taken a special liking to me, and upon the three times I have visited it, the experience has been progressively richer. Umbellularia californica, more commonly known as California Bay ( and in Oregon as Oregon Myrtle), is the primary constituent of the lower valleys and slopes of much of the Coastal Range of hills. Walking upon the pungent flat slippery leaves on steep terrain is similar to walking on tiny slick shingles that aren’t nailed down.  Sometimes watching your step, you miss what is watching You.

I have connected with three particular multi-trunked beings,  a Valley Oak, a Bay, and a Blue Oak, all of which have separate energetically male and female trunks. The third, middle trunk of the Bay is androgynous – like the archangels.  On the third visit to the Bay, which told me on the first two visits, respectively,” We have been waiting”, and ” We will show you things you haven’t seen”, the tree which didn’t appear to be a comfortable place to sit, showed me that not only was it comforting to sit upon the pronounced swollen crown, but to do so with my back against the center component was the whole point.

Here the dialogue flowed freely, and when I relaxed, found I was being embraced by what I might only describe as a throne of Love.  It is a place that requires no dialogue at all.  What is one supposed to say when in a state of primal bliss?

I was present enough to say Thank You, and didn’t have to mention, ” I will be back.”


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