Boreal Inspiration, or: Wisdom from The Woods

It is seven weeks since leaving the physical magic of Edenlight Garden behind me. It is an adjustment I never allowed my imagination to anticipate.  Perhaps you can imagine the comfort and liberation I experienced the other night in the woods when I was given a vivid visual metaphoric picture of my entire 27 year matriculation at Edenlight contained in a walnut shell. Not pecan, and certainly not a peanut. I’m not sure why a walnut, except that it worked.   This was a perspective that not only reinforced what the garden taught me, but allowed as much as to say that no matter how rich and complex the experience may have been, it is but a glowing sidebar in the Cosmos of possibilities that still remain.

The wooded canyons, seasonal streams, grassy hillsides of Mt. Burdell, and 360 degree vistas of North Marin, including distant Mt. Diablo in the East Bay, are for me but the next broader extension of the reconciliation of Heaven to Earth that Edenlight excels in. The magic I experience in this protected land where I have hiked since 1975 is no less gratifying than anything I found  in the sacred acre which I now understand was Never the exclusive domain of Iris, the Goddess of Peace and the Rainbow, nor her Rainbow Being daughter Edenlight.

There is a particular grove of Oak and Bay about half a mile from my house up an enchanted little canyon, which is also a fault line, where I return frequently in the evening, often until well after dark, to talk with the trees, talk with owls, listen to the crickets and other night birds, and to meditate into levels that feel entirely new.

The following journal entries are downloads I took in “Notes” on my I-phone in the near pitch dark inter-moon woodland while sitting comfortably with – Upon – a convenient protrusion of the trunk at seat level of a live oak named Hari.

Developing New Traits

I AM realizing the I AM. Locating the NOW. Finding solace in my own heart, Shedding attachments (rarely by choice). Seeking to embody Peace and selfless Love. Eschewing judgements (more easily now). Growing in Faith in Divine guidance and support. Less prone to angst or depression.Seeing beauty more easily in all things. Anywhere. It is everywhere. Outrageously blessed I am. Perceiving the 3rd Dimension from multiple upper dimensional perspectives reveals a compelling depth to the beauty. You are then participating in the beauty. You become part of it and vice versa. You are many steps closer to perceiving from the Zero Point in the Quantum – multi-dimensional – Universal Field. That point which connects all past, present, and future possibilities. The One With Everything idea. From your current human standpoint attempt to glaze your reality with belief in Divine Magic. Nothing that we DO perceive would exist were it not for this Agape (unconditionally allowing Prime Force) saturating Creation to begin with, and to Continue with, in broad sweeping cycles interconnected by portals and vortices of diverse cosmic purpose. That’s the only thing that CAN work perfectly in this heavy paradigm. All other systems have a self  destruct virus. They can camouflage and morph in plain sight particularly where they relate to the economic-military based governmental and social structures, which are exacerbated by fear promoting religious systems which allow for judgement against alternative beliefs, and is currently the most promoted and highly accepted reality on Earth. It plays havoc with one’s ability to love oneself, and to feel not only secure, but creative and joyful. Fear is the greatest love blocker, and can get us stuck on yo-yo rides. And sick minds and stomachs. There is in fact a free universal energy source available to all beings, and it is Source based, infinitely echoed love. Tap into That at the Zero Point.  A closed heart will not understand this when superseded by the mind.

First Rain of The Fire Season

At first you hear the raindrops in the woods more often than you feel their tiny delivered splashes of a Primary Life Element upon your skin and clothing. Next comes the tea-like tang of of aromatic oils being excited into the near dark chamber of Bay and Oak – particularly the pungent Bay Laurel leaves – as the crisp golden russet carpet gets massaged and hydrated by the soft early season shower.

The dark leafy branching lace work 60′ to 80′ canopy overhead is punctuated by brighter, though dim pewter; sets and patterns of pointillist sky ground, where twinkling occurs in seemingly random, but quite lovely, choreography.

The rain is beginning to land on me with growing regularity. A few minutes ago I could look up and wait nearly a minute before a droplet would collide with my face or glasses. I’m typing on a phone and the screen is beginning to glitter minute prisms of color. OK, Iris, it’s time to go.

On the walk home, beyond the shelter of dripping trees, the dirt footpath was shiny wet and the tall brown grasses glistened convincingly enough I doubted that an errant ember could bring them to their flash point. Here too was an olfactory gift; of wet hay lightly spiced with tarweed.  But not smoke.


It is easy to build a hard to escape from prison out of our iron-clad beliefs and judgements.


Looking for a Quick Release

Letting go of who we think we are , while trusting we are each uniquely benevolently endowed as part of a phenomenal cosmic fabric,  can be anywhere from sublimely to dramatically liberating.


The Personal Gift

We have each been gifted as one infinitely unique Being with a special Soul Signature: our Personality.  It is so awesome that though we are all an aspect of One Being, we are each blessed with the capacity to know this yet be Ourselves without being hampered by a sense of Self.

While known by many different names throughout the Cosmos and amongst many civilizations, Jeshua ben Josef, who many call Jesus, always embodies the heart based Cristos. We all share the Heart of the Creator, and place too much limiting emphasis on names.


TWO NIGHTS NOW SINCE THE RAIN, and the woods though dry to the eye is still humidified. The nights are longer and colder. Days don’t reach extreme highs. The scent has simmered to a mellow aftertaste of tannin and water and all the micro life aiding in decomposition, though the sharper night air in the nostrils does nothing to aid in the appreciation of this otherwise agreeable aroma. This must surely qualify as original aromatherapy.

The crickets are a softer presence now as temperatures decline, and are the only sound I hear but for the occasional near distance blatting roar of a Harley headed toward Stafford Lake. Or a small plane passing overhead, and my favorites: birds that talk at night. It begins with crows at dusk, then the owl-like warble of the wood pigeon, a number of unknown entertainers sounding either tropical or mysterious, or both, and The Great Horned Owl with its highly varied Who- Who- who. I miss the shriek of the Barn Owls and the Tk- Tk Tk of the Northern Saw Whet Owl that I enjoyed along with the occasional non-screech of the Screech Owl regularly at Edenlight. There are fewer coyote concerts here as well, though there have been a few solos.  A fairly high aviation flight path up beyond the tree cover sometimes provides a  background white noise sound curve. There is no running water to listen to. Yet. The recent rain barely added to the still pools in the creek bed of mostly blue schist, shale and folded sandstone.

And then the wind from the Northwest picks up and brings a deeper chill along with the shushing sigh of the now animated canopy. A rogue pocket of slightly warmer air brings a surprise  whiff of the dark carpet around me as a reminder of how this planet has been self enriched for eons.


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