More Woods Notes (revised)

IMG_2528None of us are truly fit to save anything in this or any world until we awaken into the Self Love that is the only functional reflection of our common Source, which is not only a Being of Love, but its very Essence.

When we each learn and understand ourself to be a beautiful flower of this Earth, no less so than an orchid, or rose, or thistle, and better yet: behave with equal non-aggressive, nonjudgmental dignity, grace, and presence, then this garden, where Eden awaits more patiently than ourSelves, shall awaken with us.

We are all spinning in some sort of maelstrom as the planet prepares to send us through this traumatic vortex to a lighter and brighter paradigm. Grab onto the sweetest ropes you can;  your family,  friends, pets,  the infinite panoply of the natural world,  your creativity,  and most importantly your own indwelling divine nature.  These are our true life preservers which shall see us through this storm before the calm.



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