EarthRise UPdates

When asked how things are going up at EarthRise, the answer itself is in a state of evolution, for a variety of reasons.  Not long after I was invited up, with art, rocks, boulders, soil and plants, and made to feel welcome, EarthRise/IONS underwent a serious internal reorganization. Approximately half the staff was working out of rented space on the wharf in Petaluma. This was the science part, the actual Institute of Noetic Sciences, founded by Edgar Mitchell, the 9th Moonwalker on Apollo XIV. Noetics is in a nutshell the Science of Knowing. This is the vast labyrinth of the potential of human consciousness and experience that IONS investigates. Edgar saw the Oneness of everything from the “luxury” of Space, and acquired the amazing  natural wild land with an infrastructure of buildings and dorms that had once been the campus of World College West.

In turn, the 197 acre earthRise Retreat Center up in the hills straddling Marin and Sonoma Counties is now the primary source of income for both the Science AND the Retreat Center, along with essential donations. It rightly boasts a world class kitchen and dining facility – which is good, for they attract healthy food conscious guests.

To make room for the entire science and support staff, several paying tenant organizations had to be asked to leave. To my not great surprise, the moving and rearrangement did not focus on my artistic urges for some time now.

Months ago I had installed some of Edenlight’s heaviest and most daunting to move stone works. Enclaves of hundred of potted plants are arranged in aisles outside the caretakers’ cottages. On a lower unused parking lot are many pallets of columns, boulders, panels, slabs and 20 or 30 cubic yards of Edenlight’s soil.

To not give more than a mention as to how gracious the administration and staff at ER have been to me might actually be criminal. They feel like a new extended family, where a smile goes a long way. The Director, Deb Johnsonn, made this possible when she discovered my Edenlight Garden closing on Craig’s List. At the time it felt like Divine Intervention, and I’ve no reason to rethink that.

So with that miraculous solution out of the way , and some small portion of my sanity thus preserved, I next had to learn that I was no longer the near autonomous (except for the not owning the land part) Lone Ranger at Edenlight.  I jumped in fast of necessity, which they kindly acknowledge.  Now there is an established process of communication, which has both required and allowed me to detach from a few old standby traits of independence. If I could survive the nightmare loss of Edenlight Garden, surely I can learn to cooperate with people who have been there long before me, and just be happy I’m There.

Of late, all I’ve done is water the plants, and several times recently in heavy smoke from the holocaust of wildfires which graciously did not visit this piece of our world.   I am thinking that my next art endeavor will be to repair the moving damage to the aqua aventurine quartzite Heavens Grounding Triangle which greets people at the top of EarthRises’s long climbing entry drive. The top portion cracked off when it slipped off the fork lift ( saw it happen and was still able to keep breathing), and there are numerous gems and crystals which need re-affixing.


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