I have a whole range of relationships with this simple intersections of two lines; the shorter Yin horizontal part crossing between a fourth and a third of the way down the taller Yang vertical member.  It take less of the Maternal softness of Yin to balance the generally physically and energetically “stronger” and more aggressive Yang.  So it is an ancient symbol of just perfect balance of male and female, Mayle and Phemale, Yin and Yang.

It will be nice when all religions recognize the validity of all the others at their core;  of our Oneness in a common Source, and allow all to love their sense and connection to their idea of God, without the strident editing of human ego.  Any religion that stops short of nurturing any form of judgement toward different ways of loving Creation has at least one good paddle in the water.

The Christian cross, borne as a shape of a form of execution, is the old sacred symbol for balance in the realm here which makes our physical existence possible. For Jesus to have experienced a physical death on such a fateful, almost character-like glyph, communicates almost as if it were the first letter (t), or perhaps the second one, after “I”; before written language.

If you are wondering (or not) how I feel about Jesus I will say this:  I love Him like no other, and He has no problem with the near infinite loving Beings I Also love.  I feel we  share a common agenda, and while He is my primary guide, there are many others who share my full love and appreciation.  Jesus, who I believe would have it no other way as that’s all He came to teach, is not the only O’dm Consciousness (the consciousness that understands we all share one Heart) to have come to me in times of real need. There is however nothing quite like clearly hearing when you needed it the most: “I will take care of you……You’re going to be just fine……I am with you always.” Though it reminded me of something I may have read once or twice, it was audible and real.

I don’t visualize Jesus on a cross, but have no problem seeing a cross as an opportunity to unite worlds rather than divide them, and to heal ( if not being forced down a throat).  They can be beautifully decorated.

The first cross I ever created or embellished  was a grafted oak root from a landscape job that my crew brought to me from a trench they were digging. Two crossing roots had grown together both physically and metaphorically. “Coincidentally”, several minutes earlier I had wrenched my lower back unloading something heavy, and could barely move. I was sitting in my truck feeling miserable when I was handed the rustic dirty piece of crossing roots by the foreman who knew I collected natural curiosities.

Almost unthinkingly I placed it upside down behind me in the small of my back with the bulging cross piece facing me with a kind of comforting pressure where I was hurting.  I sat that way for about ten minutes in a state of very little thinking. Then I got out of the truck and went back to work, with not so much as a residual twinge.

This healing experience was revelatory for me, and this piece of root was the first of several crosses I would fabricate and decorate in the years since, using gems and paint to channel those dimensions that would have us ALL be well.


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