Is There SOMETHING We Have to DO?

This title was offered up one evening just after dark, somewhere in the 20 or so feet of distance between Hari the twin trunked Oak seat, and Guindemere the 7 – 9 trunked (depending on where you are standing) Bay, … I was going to first use the word “separate” instead of “distance in between”, but there is a big difference.  There is nothing that separates the two other than physicality.

I can imagine that beneath the spongey leafy mat and the rocky clay dirt – with but a fragile veneer of humus between the leaves and sere soil – the roots of these two quite genetically different members of The Council of Trees touch in points of recognition, but do not graft together.

I thought a brief re-introduction of some of the cast of arboreal actors playing their diverse and sacred roles on behalf of me and Mankind would add helpful  perspective on what is influencing my writing.  While Edenlight the Garden no longer exists in a delineated 1.11 acre co-created paradise, EdenlightGarden the Spirit of Love, Color, Nature, and Cosmic Healing,  dwells ubiquitously upon our planet.  Edenlight herself might be found any place her mother Iris is present, with me, or wherever she is called.  She is a Rainbow Light Being, and a willing Healer.  She stands in The Circle with Kwan Yin, Isis, Devi, Maria, Iris, Tara, and countless lesser known Devas of love based creation. She is the youngest.

So I was somewhere between Hari, who I think of as the Thinking Tree, because it is where I comfortably sit and am filled with things to write about, and Guindemere, where I have been observing and abetting the architectural efforts of a Wood Rat – less endearing to many, but no less noble than a Wood Pigeon.  I discovered it the previous night when it was windy, my fingers achey cold, and I went to sit back inside a hollow of its ring of trunks to get warmer. There I found my little nook was displaced by a neatly stacked lean-to of dry sticks and twigs, buttressed by  an apron of that humus I mentioned.

My reaction rather than disappointment was a silent laugh and a smile.  I’ve seen wood rat homes the size of three shopping carts down near China Camp in San Rafael. They remind you of small beaver mounds, but mostly sticks, and you wonder how the  industrious little rodent achieves this, considering the size of some of the branches used.  But The Wood Rat is a whole other post.

While standing at chest level next to the nearest leaning Bay trunk angling toward Hari, I embraced this moss clad arm of Guindemere, and heard very clearly the words: ” Why do you think you always have to DO something?”

Not unfamiliar with these inner natural communications, I immediately understood what it meant.  So much of our life (all of it) is an etheric – elemental  construction, and all too often a fear – driven illusion.  What it said to me was not that we should avoid life, but to avoid attachments of fear or lack based dependency.  To avoid all the stress by trusting the magically divine multiverse (the invisible to the biological eye etheric part behind all belief based reality), rather than Believing in and therefore being victimized by the rat race most heavily promoted on this curious planet.  I just noticed I used the word Rat again.

But that’s OK.  I don’t have to DO anything about the rat, who I have not met, but named Merlin.

So if we don’t have to do anything, what do we have to do?  Perhaps we have to give Do a broader range of meaning  (or perhaps a more limited range of focus) to include: living only in the moment and having faith in our own internal innately magical not yet understood DNA.

We are designed to manifest with our minds.  We all do it.  A negative state of mind quite efficiently manifests a negative personal and collective universe. Most of us manifest what we think we want slowly because of uncertainty and the belief  that we have to Do something. And then we believe we didn’t Do enough, especially if we didn’t get what we thought we needed.  Anyway it is supposed to be much easier, and Shall be when we finally slither out of that cosmic prophylactic we call Self and its attendant limiting concerns.

We would do well to have faith in an exceptionally allowing and benevolent multi-dimensional Plan, or creative process, that works flawlessly when applied with love and non-judgement. I think this non-judgement caveat works best when we include ourselves first.  Then whether it’s you or someone who does judge ( this can be about virtually Anything), regardless of the subject, you can spot it right away as fake news.

Not sure what to do to finish this post, I


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