More Moonwalking

Tonight made three consecutive walks to the woods following my full size shadow, neither taller nor shorter.  I didn’t keep track of the times, though I’m sure I left at least a half hour later each night for the moon’s angle to be the same.  The moon rather famously “rises’ later every night, and once full comes up quite late as it wanes through the shrinking third and fourth quarters.  At this writing we are about two days into the second quarter phase, which looks to be 2/3 full.  Since we can only ever see half the moon (about 53% over a year’s time) this is really 1/3 of the moons total surface.  It’s nice to know the Man in the Moon never turns his back on us.

Anyway it’s much brighter out, with no cloud cover.  Two nights ago I let my phone battery die before heading home, and had to slow step my way down the near side, into the water pocked stony stream bed, up the other bank, and then out of the woods by broken moonlight.  This was achieved maybe 15% visually ( I was generally familiar with where I was, but the shadows were dominant and deep), 40% tactilely with the feet, and 45% memory.  I suspect my feet themselves may have memory.

Two nights later:

Our brightening friend in the night sky approaches the end of its second quarter, better known as The Full Moon, not quite in time to fully spice up Halloween.  It looks as though this lunar event may coincide with the end of Indian summer, as the rain portal is expected to open.  This is not inappropriate as the moon is a Water sign.

Already the nights are enough colder that the cricket decibels have dropped by near half, and I need gloves.  If I hear one good bird recital per night I’m pretty happy. Tonight I’ve only heard one double hoo – hoo of a Great Horned Owl, and as I was writing, one of those exotic sounding mystery birds let loose with a high haunting ululation.  Last night at dusk I enjoyed a longer concert of the enchanting range of low to medium warbles and hoots of the reclusive Wood Pigeon. A beautiful sort of haunting.

Especially when you already know that you are not only surrounded by, but embraced by, a community of trees, understory flora and wildlife, rock and stream (Mt. Burdell is rich in milky quartz), with all of their’s and infinite caring Spirit.

Throw in those humans you love and wish the best for, friends you didn’t know you had, and life has every prospect of being golden.


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