Drawing our Line

I was having an unusually strong feeling sorry for myself day, a solo pity party, which I was still celebrating upon arrival in my woodland sanctuary this evening.  The following words were inspired by a visual message that came from the Spirit I am able to connect to out in the natural world, which is mostly devoid of those human ideas and behaviors which have manifest now a most difficult time for everyone.  Stuff that fake news isn’t ever going to gloss over.  Nature is surely not responsible for the chaos; it is Man and his predominant self-concern which has displaced the once balanced polarity on this planet: the Yin and the Yang in intertwined harmony that we have willed into a battle of light versus dark.

It is separation,  instead of perfectly set into motion creative equilibrium.  Free will, when applied in a loving selfless way is the only thing other than an exceptional free pass of Grace that can turn this phenomenal energetic boat of the human epic in a new direction that isn’t bargeing directly into the current and teeth of resistance.

Resistance to what?   I’m pretty sure we couldn’t count the volumes inspired by this question.  Here I would describe that resistance as not such a complex thing.  The whole idea to write this came as a simple illustration.

Creation is already infinitely complex, which is good given man’s propensity for boredom with even the best of things. It could be that we are a bunch of self absorbed (and therefore dysfunctional) relays in a Mandala of divine circuitry – also infinite. Being spiritually autonomous, while believing we are truly energetically independent, turns us from healthy synapses or relays into resistors.  On the physical level such blockages are normally experienced as inflammation, pain, and dis-ease. Culturally the effects are the same.

To know of the power of well being which comes with our understanding our inter-connectedness – the only way to be liberated from that toxic prison of prophylactic Self- is to see everything and everyone as an actual part of ourself, love ourself, and then do that to everything else.  Ancient fundamental recipe for successful functionality.  It may sound flowery,  but don’t let that detract you from your appreciation for the unique magic found in flowers.  Flowers can be pretty Second Chakra.

The vision which triggered this essay was pretty simple, and came as a 3D picture that was comprised of three components: a left side which in this case represented Selfless Happy Light, a line down the middle which was me (or you), and a Dark Stressed Selfishness side on the right.  Accompanying this was the thought picture and reminder that the Light is much stronger than Darkness. It takes little light to undarken a room.

It was also clear that the middle line couldn’t be separate from both sides at once, one reason being that we wouldn’t exist without our Light Source.

So if the dark right side of this picture is bigger than the left, it can mean two things.  It  could be that the trust in the light is so great that it doesn’t matter if the darkness around us seems to dominate.  Or it can mean we have allowed darkness to displace some of our own light.

I was able to visually move the shape of my middle line around. It didn’t seem to move right or left and remain a vertical line, but to bulge and bend. Either way, whenever the dark side became the dominant factor, I knew that I was out f balance.

The real message is, yes, there is a struggle between two powerful forces.  This is the clay we are given to knead into a reality.  If we trust in our own magical powers – which everyone has if they Believe it – the struggle part vanishes, at least on the personal level,  and the clay is easily crafted into our souls’ perfect art.  As modeling clay is pliable and flexible, so is our consciousness – unless we fire it too soon with fear and doubt.

The cool thing is the the whole universe belongs to each one of us.  When we all Master the art of sharing on that level, we’ll be good to go.  Namaste.

CREATION:  The manifest creation we experience here on Earth is borrowed from many dimensions which may not be visible to most.  Artists and writers receive their inspiration via diverse channels of energetic sources.  I suspect good art is always a cooperative effort, no matter how much the ego might like to take the credit.

Sometimes we are re-creating from otherwhen.  Sometimes it’s all new.   It is little appreciated the unseen inter dimensional energetic fabric – which we each create from the very center of –  and which is woven from every color in the rainbow,  every formula and equation imaginable,  every symphony ever written (or not), and every Haiku to grace a page.  This gives our human experience its range of possibilities, and which only appears to barely keep ahead of our boredom or confusion … and only allows our worst fears to kill us.

I indulged in the above drama because, like I said, I was having a crappy emotional day.  By the time I wrote this  that was no longer true.  A friend had suggested I try taking L-theamine, a stress releaser derived from green tea, which I did, and was pleasantly surprised when it felt as though some switch were flicked on -or off-  and the darkness just evaporated. This happened about an hour and a half after taking one little gel-cap.  This does not disprove that nature has a balm for everything.

I tirelessly, or tiresomely, repeat one of my favorite guidelines:  All reality is belief based, so attend to the quality of our belief.  Because then we get to spend the rest of our lives figuring out what quality means, and try living up to it without being too hard on ourselves.  An important part of that is to learn our own unique truth, which there is plenty of room for, regardless of our integration of Being with all that is.


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