Seeing the See

In pursuit of fully sensing and embracing the wondrous healing and creative benefits of Oneness, and “all” its interconnections and diversities, as pure adored beauty, this inexplicably Grace saturated experience we may be having further fleshes out with  the added awe of understanding it is only a finite brush stroke on a richly textured, yet vast and most supple canvas of possible Creation.   What we commonly don’t understand, or see, or care to admit, is that our seemingly personal vignette touches Us where we touch It -while commonly failing to love and recognize our own unique signature upon the interactive cosmos.

When we perceive life only from the center of Self, that nurturing home of attachments, darkness and pain that boils up so easily from within the void, we are temporarily, though it may be perceived as an eternity, blinded by the works of our own hand.   Blinded to the greater beauty that we are not only passing through, but intimately a part of within the continuum of a long forgotten choice.

When we enjoy a magical place in nature, or amongst others, at peace with the world and at peace with ourselves, we are at that moment The Magic Marker of God, leaving our own flourish upon the art gallery and library of the Multiverse.    The consciousness of each of us is a pen or paint brush touching the Zero Point in the Quantum Field of All That Is.

To perceive a nest of baby birds, the steady stroke of a water bug, a mountain side covered with quaking aspen, sparks rising high above a bonfire, or a hungry child in the street, as virtual aspects of ourselves is to begin actually seeing what we see.


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