What Kind of Combination Lock Are We?

Supreme Consciousness, The Tao, The Divine, “God”; whatever name we may assign to this mystery of infinite creation, might be viewed as every open heart in the multiverse.    It clearly can’t yet be claimed by humanity as a group.   The unfathomable “everything” has countless open hearts, and only then is it all One thing, one system.    Humanity has been given countless opportunities – not the least part of which is Grace – and has long been the elusive key to unlocking the nature of the golden Pan – Eden for all beings everywhere.   It is not so much a place as a state.

We had to try every other possible option or challenge including  very counter intuitive acts of self and mutual annihilation before letting them go and reaping the silk of paradise – no matter what one might consider that state to really be.    To do this, and there are those who believe we are finally close, we had to go through all those past and current crazy things that we either do, or allow others to do for us – or to us.    It’s been a long harsh repetitive process of remembering we all deserve more.

Those who don’t, can’t, WON’T, awaken to self and mutual love and acceptance, will remain the magnetic core of the spitting image of life on Old Earth.    They can always have that.   The rest of us, who intuitively understand that we are EACH the key, each an integral number in the combination of ONE THING, shall surely enjoy the New Earth we are creating.   To believe this is a fantasy is to choose to remain behind the old door.


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