We TOO Are The Gift

It is well not to just think of life itself as a gift, but to become gratefully aware of the phenomenal giveaway that is our personal divinity: our being part of all that is, through our own infinitely finite selves.    That understanding is the mystical “secret” of the ages, lived, experienced, and taught by every ascended Master.    If we need to understand “scientifically,” then understand that this “miracle” is encoded in our twelve – not two – strands of DNA.    We too are “God”, but never the whole thing, as the somewhat intelligent “self” has deluded many to believe.     To appreciate that this is truth means to cherish the tiny, yet universal, role we each get to play.     It is our only important role, and always with immense potential when accepted.    Therein lies the magic of Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, Melchizedek, Mother Mary, Krishna, Quan Yin, Lakshmi, Devi, and countless others both recognized and unknown by the masses struggling through their individual paths.     Each of these is aware that they are among the infinite expressions of Source Consciousness, but never separate – each a slightly different flavor of the One Personality of Creation.

The center of the universe connecting all that is lies within each of us, even when we are lost in our own colorful and elaborate darkness.    The only “sin”, if such a thing truly exists, is to disavow this truth and behave in an inevitable disconnected way, causing selfish harm to ourselves or others.


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