Meeting Beyond the Mind

Where do attachment and expectation meet?     One generally learns much of the heart of Buddhism – or any path that leads back through the heart – the hard way.   By losing something and letting it go.

And that is that suffering wouldn’t occur without one of the many forms of attachment  involved.    We learn that by letting go of an idea, a person, an object, a crusade, a fear, something better is gained.     It may be a tough sell, but there is never extra room for divine manifestation in a full vessel.

Where does expectation come in here?    One of the first things a life coach learns is the effects of expectations versus agreements in one’s relationship with any of the infinitely possible attachments.    Especially if it’s a relationship.   But then what isn’t a relationship?     It doesn’t exist.     If that’s what you believe.    Getting out of our comfort zone, no matter how miserable it might be, is never automatically easy.

I was good with knowing that by losing, I gained.     This is not to be confused with having fun.     Then it occurred to me that I am continuously expecting quite a lot, and am really quite attached to what it is.

I am expecting a great awakening.    Soon would of course be wonderful, as it’s certainly been predicted long enough.     The ongoing political media side show distracts entirely from the “secret” insidious stuff being actively implemented all the time to keep us off balance.     It works very well on most people.     Much of it is in plain “unbelievable” sight.     For instance, weather broadcasters aren’t allowed  to mention the massive six decades old chemtrail operation that makes fools out of their predictions.     This is not a “theory” but a blatant act of crowd consciousness suppression.     So, yes, I am attached to the idea that people might wake up from this and all the other abuses we benignly allow to be done to us.     It won’t stop until we collectively demand it, which must begin with our believing it.

I am attached to the idea of, and the truth of, and inevitable manifestation of, an awakened, enlightened, liberated, – and happy finally – mass of divine beings: US.

Does my being attached to this put a jinx on my master plan?    Of course not, unless I’m weak enough to be talked out of believing it.

As every speck of reality is belief based, just as quantum and particle physics is proving, it is important to believe responsibly.     Being attached to the expectation that a golden shift in human consciousness is imminent is pointless without believing it.    Just as pointless as believing that you can’t live without something that you really can.

But then learning how to openly believe that everything is ours to begin with, in the face of every imaginable third dimensional challenge, is one of the requisites.

When enough beings share in the same selfless expectation (for where else will peace be found?) it is no longer an attachment, but a collective mandate for Reattachment.   And rewards beyond popular description.

Can we have expectation without attachment?   It is how we define both words.     Do we choose to be lost in semantics or simply liberated in truth?

It would be, and is, very simple to believe that all of the above words are flowery nonsense, and to deny their truth.     It is truly easier to complain, or not, and not really think about why the world is the way it is, without remembering that we Are the why and the what of it all.

I am now going to go sit on the couch, watch Fox News, and eat a nice processed snack.


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