Woodland Magic

Magic is of course where you find it.    This shouldn’t be so difficult because it is everywhere.    The most overlooked place is perhaps within the divine code of our DNA.    There are many ancient systems in place to dissuade us from believing it, but on the other hand, never has the cosmos been more aligned to liberate us.     There is a wonderful song now by Zach Williams, titled “Fear Is a Liar”, which addresses a universal truth.     Which brings us back to my favorite teaching of the Archangel Gabriel: “ALL reality is belief based.”

We are equally gifted in being able to choose and manifest magic or chaos.    Chaos is often more convenient, because it is more heavily promoted, and we hate to embarrass ourselves in front of those who only relish it.    These are often our friends, loved ones, and reviled so-called leaders.

I spend a lot of time hiking, much of it in the woods all around Novato.    It is critical to both my physical health, and Earth grounding agenda – and there is a convenient woods on Mt. Burdell right behind my house.    Much of the trilogy I’m writing – ‘EdenWold’ – has come to me among the bays, oaks and buckeyes, often while sitting in favorite trees.

In the past few months my most frequent writing base has been a 15 trunk Bay named Eudora.    She serves also as a shrine and altar, with numerous crystals and minerals discretely tucked into her hollow center.    Typically I will sit in the dark and write on the ‘Notes’ app on my phone.     Rarely do I begin typing, that a whole new piece of narrative fails to manifest.

Two nights ago, after a new chapter had appeared concerning a multi-character expedition atop a flying dragon, I wrapped it up to head home in the dark, with enough power left for the phone light.    A short distance down the rain slippery shoulder of the ravine that Eudora perches at the top of, I noticed a tiny rapid motion on the ground next to an oak.

There was only the faintest breeze, but there was this dead live oak leaf on a tiny twig shaking and spinning like crazy.   “Okay”, I’m thinking.  “What are you trying to tell me?”     I noticed the oak it was next to, divided into two trunks several feet above the ground, and did the only thing I could think of: I hugged it.    This is a practiced and learned behavior on my part.    Tree hugging is not just wrapping your arms around a bark clad being, but a connection of living circuitry.    Sometimes you feel the love flowing up, and sometimes down.    In the case of double trunks, which I have often found to be one yin, and one yang, it becomes a connection and celebration of Life Force itself.    It is a visceral palpable sensation of well being.    This double trunked live oak was no exception.     Or perhaps, rather, it was exceptional.

In the brief time I stood in the near total darkness embracing the tree, I received a clear and unexpected vision.    Expecting magic does not necessarily mean you have to predict what it might be.    Just expecting it is generally enough.

The vision was a colored, geometric, kinetic picture of an energetic aspect of myself – quite possibly of my entire purpose.   Up from the ground flowed a funnel of green light.     From above flowed down an opposing funnel of pink light.     Both met and expanded outward at my solar/heart center, the pink and green becoming a far reaching radiant gold.     The point of the green light grew out of the dome of the Earth, and the pink light descended from the arc of the Heavens.  Where these two colors of love met in the middle,  was perhaps the purpose of life.   Especially as it expands outward to touch all other life.

When I let go of the tree, the leaf was still going to town.    I held the phone light near it to get a better look, and it stopped.    I stood up, backed up, and apologized, thanking it for getting my attention.    In no time it was shaking like a leaf again.    I watched it for a long time, mentioning various things I am grateful for.    I excused myself, walked a short way downhill, and turned a last time to look at it.    It was no longer moving.    It would have been quite easy to believed I had simply experienced some vagary of precocious wind.

That was the vision.    Not very complicated.     Fits what I already believe.    When I left the woods, and was on the open muddy trail beneath a moonless sky, I noticed that Orion and The Plieades  were above my right shoulder.    The recent vision continued to take on such clarity that it could easily become a painting.

What does your painting of yourself look like?     Where do anthropomorphic and deopomorphic conflict?    We become easily lost in the imagined differences.     I think I made up one of those words, but couldn’t think of a better one.


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