Heaven Is All Around Us. All of the Time.

What many call heaven is a state of mind resonating with a dimension that is not typically supported by the imagined and programmed needs of a 3D life experience.

But it’s always present.    If you see it, it’s yours.    If you can’t see it yet – which requires a clear open heart/mind alliance – it is still always there waiting for you to recognize your original state.

There is no divine requirement saying we must die before having this truth revealed and enjoyed.

There is infinite advantage both on the personal as well as cosmic level to awakening while still within the distractions of our sacred physical opportunity.    It is the most important opportunity we all share – while in bodies.   And the opportunity that is either the most discouraged or the most ignored in favor of worldly illusions.

‘Heaven’, or the Fifth and Sixth Dimensions are a set of frequencies always present and waiting to be appreciated – something that is impossible while in a state of self concern.

When we manage to open our hearts to the universe, and discover that all we take to be ‘personal’ is an illusion of the physical realm,  the synchronicity that we all long for is magically there.

Believe it: Synchronicity, bliss, a life of dreams coming true, contentment, and ongoing sacred revelation can belong to anyone, right in the midst of a distracting utterly insane socio-political world order such as we now have on Earth.

The ways to get there have been taught for millennia, by those who have done it: Jesus and Buddha to name a very few who understand it perfectly.    Those are only two of the beings who understand their oneness with all that is.

We are infinite Beings with the same divine capacity within our genes.

It’s Always a choice.   “Easy” doesn’t come into play until we’ve actually chosen love above all other ways to roll.

Heaven on Earth is an individual choice.

When it becomes the choice of the masses we will see what the entire multiverse has been waiting for us to do.


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