We Get What We Believe. Always.

After taking that first traumatic breath at birth, we might spend our whole life perceiving it to be a daunting hill standing before us, blocking our perceived poorly explained path.

Then there is the generally indescribable experience of shifting that attitude, usually after letting go of a lot of things and ideas, and seeing only the path of gold that lay before us all along.

Our love of self and all else that is, is what tames the hills and conquers the mountains we all invent.   The golden path has infinite branches – which are us.

We are each the path, unless we allow others to convince us otherwise.     Self acceptance in a universe that is all one thing is the first step on the path to fulfillment.

All judgement, division , and exclusivity, are the chasms and canyons in the road that can never be crossed.

We are All the Source.

When a day is going perfectly, don’t become so absorbed in its details that you forget how it is even possible.


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