Living a PROactive (Not REactive) Reality

ALL reality is belief based.    IF we are not having a happy synchronous life, it is not the outer world that needs reprogramming; it is our inner one:    Our conscious and subconscious beliefs.   There is more material written on this subject than anyone in their right mind should ever need to read.

If we’re living in any kind of fear, worry, or resentment, we can ONLY attract things we claim not to want.    It’s called The Law of Attraction for a fundamental universal reason; Like frequencies can only attract like frequencies.   All accepting joyous love tends to be a higher frequency than grumpiness or selfishness.

If we somehow manage to fully grasp our own divinity, which is a program sourced in infinite love and possibility, the entire fabric of our reality shifts, whether anyone else notices or not.

When we are flowing synchronously with the understanding that our source lies within us, and if we manage to emotionally appreciate the miracle of EVERYTHING, others actually DO notice, though it may be with – or without – understanding.


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