Beyond Superficiality.

Our lives in physical bodies are usually not perceived as the awesome opportunity to play at being God, that is the whole purpose of manifest life.

When we allow the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of our quantum potential to overshadow our spiritual, etheric and X-factors, we are generally living an existence full of thinking and pain.

As real as that thinking and pain seem to be, they amount to no more than a powerful superficial illusion.  An illusion we covet for lack of understanding.

We are in a cosmic shift where many are realizing this, many others simply know something isn’t right ( even though it is ), and the rest don’t even realize there is more to the universe than self oriented drama.

The fact is the cosmic energies that sustain us are undergoing a phenomenal adjustment for the greater good.  It comes in ever stronger waves and sometimes pauses. There is a collective consciousness that exists beyond our superficiality that arranges stars and energetic cycles in scales and patterns beyond the pale of our biological crawl here.  Our very DNA is being reprogrammed to allow a clearer perception of the One Light we are all part of.

Therein lies the hope and promise contained within that part of us that’s there whether we acknowledge it or not.

Acknowledgement would certainly speed things up however.  It’s entirely personal without being unique to any one of us.  Yet in the classic Tao nature of all things, entirely infinitely unique for each of us.

Until we surrender to the Heart God, The Great Oneness, Ubiquitous Source Energy – whatever we choose to call The One, we will continue to play at the Game of Tiny Minds.

How many times can we win at the game of solitaire before realizing that’s not actually winning anything?   I used to be addicted to solitaire, first with real cards, and then on the computer.   I must have needed to do that…

It is likely that none of us will leave the planet without experiencing a physical death.   Physical is only one of our six important bodies.   It is the vehicle or casing in which all 6 bodies, each with their own self preservation agenda, get to play at “life”.  The other five persist beyond “death”.   Why don’t we work a little harder at understanding that the body is a school intended to teach us that the more illusion, obsession, and attachment we are willing to let go of the closer to the heart of creation, and all its infinite miraculous potential, we become.

When all six bodies are in synch with their intrinsic unity we cannot help but be awake.

There really aren’t words yet to express it all.   But we are creating them!


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