Ho O Pono Pono and the Pocketbook

There is a pattern of financial challenge and scarcity among spiritually evolved people which may be attributed to vows of poverty in past lives.   Yes,  to awaken includes understanding the limiting power of attachments,  but once understood,  old blockages don’t just evaporate.   It is perfectly OK to respectfully break such a vow if it no longer serves.   Thank that energy,  that experience,  for its teaching,  and lovingly release it.

Don’t be afraid to invoke the ancient Hawaiian blessing of : “Make Right”:  Ho O Pono Pono, which has worked miracles of forgiveness and healing for a long time.   It still works.   It can be practiced upon situations, old hurts, relationships of all kinds, the criminally insane, and most importantly, ourselves.   It’s worth looking up.


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