IMG_9805.JPGThe more in tune we are with the universe as it is – the universe that causes and sustains us, rather than the elusive and illusive manifestations of the reactive mind – the more magical and serendipitous are not just the events of our lives, but the entire world around us.

The love that dwells in every cell and particle of creation is always conscious and alive.   Everything is energy and interactive resonance – including what we perceive as solid form.  It’s all vibrating to The Law of Attraction.  When we allow our minds to see, enjoy, and cherish this, we are each more like God than we are normally prepared to know.   When we stop seeing things as good or bad, we can begin to expect enchantingly unexpected experiences.

When you walk into nature with an open appreciative and grateful heart, including a judgement free love of self,  flowers are brighter and more magical, butterflies and birds will arrive and entertain you,  and the seasons will be more viscerally rich in all their aspects.   The dance of the sun, moon, planets and stars may sweep you off your feet without losing your balance.

You will meet the people you are supposed to encounter.   Dreams that seem unattainable materialize out of the great misunderstood “nothing”.

It’s OK to know you are the center of the universe, just so it’s understood that everyone else is too.   That’s an aspect of God not well taught in most peoples’ earthly sojourns, which leads to most of us taking things personally in an isolated sense.

We are never isolated except by the illusion – or lies – that are fear.   Yes, fear is a powerful illusion, but never more potent than infinite divine balance.   It is possible to know – and experience – that we are one with all things, and as all reality is belief based it amounts to a magnificently empowering belief.

Stop thinking of form and events as solid and unchangeable.   They are not.   Even our powerfully limiting thoughts , which often affect our health, are changeable, though it is entirely a choice we are brave enough to make, or not.   Accepting a miserable life is a powerful powerful choice.   Thinking you can’t change things is a powerful choice – with predictably miserable results.

I turned seventy a week ago Saturday, and stopped to treat myself to lunch.   The order number I was handed to put on my table was my birth year: 48 (August 18, 1948.)

8/18/2018 was a day many thousands of people got married to take advantage of the auspicious numerology – and no doubt to celebrate my birthday.

That night, my “pet” Woodrat, Neo, who lives in my writing tree in the woods, came out and repeatedly walked across my right foot on an unnecessary detour back to his nest with the nuts I brought him.   Now I haven’t seen him for a week, though he comes and takes the nuts when I’m blinded by writing on my phone.  He’s quiet and lightning fast.

My maternal great grandmother Caroline Shearer was born on August 18, 1848.

There must be something synchronous in all that.


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