EdenLight the Phoenix


EdenLight resurrecting on the tennis courts.

Although EdenLight Garden did not burn down, it felt like it.   The big eviction after 27 years was entirely traumatic like a death.   Another eviction a year later was less intense, because I was now accustomed to losing things.   However, this time it is going differently.   The day I learned I had to leave the EarthRise Retreat Center at IONS was the day I connected with The College of Marin, which led to my being accepted to build a large magic garden on their Indian Valley campus – less than 2 miles from the original garden in …Indian Valley.

Whereas a Phoenix is reborn from its own egg in its own ashes, EdenLight is a Rainbow Goddess with the ability to manifest anywhere there is natural beauty.  One  might expect no less, as she is the daughter of Iris, the Goddess of both Peace and The Rainbow.

My friends who have known her love and healing beauty for years now say they can feel her again.   If that feeling is joy, I certainly am feeling it as well.

Of course it didn’t hurt that the Director at EarthRise allowed me to preserve over a thousand plants and about 50 tons of boulders, crystals and large pieces of rock art on their 190+ acre retreat on the Marin-Sonoma line;  what we both believed was EdenLight’s next home.  The reasons for leaving are relevant only in the context that not everyone sees light the same way (all reality being but a reflection of our exact or inexact beliefs), things change, and EdenLight’s magic is now exactly where it is meant to be;  in a public education venue where all are welcome to benefit.

The staff at College of Marin has dedicated 5 days, half a dozen large vehicles, and a Gradall forklift in carefully moving these physical remnants of EdenLight to a beautiful meadow surrounded by their Organic Farm and the Indian Valley Open Space Preserve.

Straps, blocks, forklift, flatbeds, and man (and woman) power have now moved all the problematic and fragile things to the Indian Valley campus.   The plants have mysteriously multiplied and many are looking better than they did in the original garden – and they are still all in pots on the tennis courts until the field is prepared. Half a dozen exotic things are blooming for the first time since I’ve had them.

It is going to be a long, satisfying, and planet benefitting project, and I thank all the beings and Spirit who have held the faith.   None less so than EdenLight herself, for whom I feel most paternal.


The Heavens grounding aventurine triangle broke when being installed up at EarthRise.   Now it will be properly repaired.


The 3500 lb. Jupiter shine of sandstone and travertine was one of the harder pieces to move.   Joy, benevolence, and abundance.


Components of The Pillars of Heaven and Earth shrine. Also the John & George “Imagine – My Sweet Lord” shrine, or … The Yin-Yang shrine.   Take your pick.   Porphyry Granite, pink Quartzite, and Rose Quartz.


The House of Man on a pallet in the new garden.    Among its many mineral components in the young sandstone slab are 30 different colors of Andara Crystals from Placer County.


2 thoughts on “EdenLight the Phoenix

  1. Thank you. I like what you write and say. I beleive in the power of plants to communicate and in the energy and messages from mother earth. I will continue to read what you write as you write truth.


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