The Evolution of God

If you are reading this you are participating in the evolution of God.

If you are not reading this, the sentence ends the same way.

God, who is not a person in our typically limited sense, but rather an essence with a purpose, is part of everything.   It’s me, it’s you, and anything else we might think of.   Especially if we’re Not thinking.    I am not equipped to fully describe or express this mind boggling quantum truth.

It has been pointed out by brighter bulbs in the Christmas tree than me that time is an illusion.    Past, present, and future co-exist about as easily as people do: sometimes contentiously and confusingly.    We are not very good yet at incorporating more than a single detail at a ‘time’ of our self preoccupation on our timeline.    Most of us have heard something of karma and the law of attraction.    Or that nothing is solid because everything is just energy with more empty space than atoms.    Or that all reality is purely belief based; our true thoughts, conscious or subconscious, based on experiences in this and previous lives, are what construct our personal – and collective – situation right now.

I have taken digital pictures in the night sky (see older blog posts from 2017)  that contain thousands of multicolored points of light gathered around places of sacred intent.  I believe they were attracted to intentions on Earth that reflect their own collectively evolved purpose.  Generically these lights of individual consciousness are called orbs.   Each finely detailed little donut, circle, triangle, or streak of light is “someone” not much different than you or me.   They just don’t have the benefits or limitations of being in our kind of body at the moment.    There have been times I felt I was just seeing another aspect of myself.   I have seen in different photos repetitions of the same ‘orb’ that I felt were Jeshua, Buddha, and other ascended ones.    That was just the orbs.   More exciting  are the pile of photos showing more detailed forms and faces; including unicorns, several of Kwan Yin, Jeshua, two of Thor, one of Odin, one of Einstein, Ashtar, dragons, and countless angels, aliens, dolphins and whales.   Pictures capturing from the night sky countless light expressions of consciousness  overlaying the normally perceived three dimensional starscape.   To both feel and see these beings in more than one dimension is part of what our own evolution is all about.    Charles Darwin had evolution figured out perfectly, but only in one dimension, (the ‘physical’ one) and as brilliant as he was, he was somewhat handicapped by religious fears.    The word ‘sin’ has truly taken its toll.   Many of us have been so hampered for thousands of years by the same extremely powerful old fear of God crap, when all we have been taught to fear is our own divine potential to evolve.   In doing so, we are human, alien, divine, mundane – whatever it takes.    Life ( as good a name for God as anything, except for ‘love’) expresses in more ways than we have the equipment to detect and measure.

Take all these words: consciousness, matter, energy, multidimensional, quantum, infinite, fractal, sacred, interconnected, life, death, eternity, mortal, immortal, beauty, sound, color, smell, taste, texture, emotion, creation, art, poetry, dance, physics, yin and yang, metaphysics, health, love…..not to mention billions of galaxies with trillions of stars and million of habitable planets, and you still only have suggestions of what God is.   You could probably say that is just the limited view.    Never mind the very specific magic that happens when new life is conceived and that God aspect we call our soul enters that brand new body to continue the experience…

It is unlikely that God fears that we will not rise above our own learned and accepted limitations .   Mutations and extinctions happen continuously.     We can focus on that or Not.    Even our galaxy is already dying, though there are approximately five billion years left before it is merged with Andromeda.

The dictionary cannot hold all the details that make up the ‘God’ who has been erroneously described as a wrathful judge.  Even the folks who made up that phenomenally historically influential lie are aspects of God.   Unfortunately their purpose was only to allow as few people as possible to know, cherish, and take full advantage of the ‘God’ power we each are made of.    Their fear based agenda has been to keep more of this limitless power to ‘themselves’ – and has been pretty effective so far.   Full divine liberation and magical abilities are in every cell of our biology.   To realize and benefit from this is a choice of belief and focus:  and very much the evolution of God.

If you could even attempt to count all of just the humans who exist, and who ever existed, including those who have reincarnated thousands of times each (and yet still exist as individual points of timeless experience, which is why we can talk with ‘past’ aspects of ourselves), and those  here now who have returned from the future to assist us through these extraordinary times,  that too is but a tiny piece of the evolution of God.    Namaste.




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