The Funnel of Humanity

If you are familiar with funnels, you understand there is a wide opening at the top which allows a larger volume of material to be directed and focused, or funneled, through a much narrower portion at the bottom.

Earth is such a funnel.

With a lot of operating parts in Multiple Dimensions, or frequencies.    To have the kind of experiences required here, we have an amazingly perfect juxtaposition of planetary mass, gravity, temperatures, sunlight, starlight, moon, water, a periodic table of elements, and divine intent to support diverse biological “life”.   It is why we are ABLE to “physically” come here.

We are made up genetically of about 250 different humanoid races, which did not originate here, but contribute greatly to our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, creative and temperamental diversity.    It has been divinely constructed so that all these nearly infinite attributes can interbreed and learn to live harmonically.    At least that was the purpose.    We are, though, one “race” in terms of being able to reproduce and incarnate as a similar life form.    In the final analysis we are all one to Begin with.

As all aspects of creation, “physical” or not,  are expressions of One “thing”, we are part of a hugely significant experience here – even when we are lost in our personal preoccupations with survival.    And what color shoes to wear.   We have all too often fallen for the mind-driven, ego-driven insecurity that survival must be difficult.    Or that death is a final ending.   I am no exception.   There have been ample efforts to encourage that distracting myth.    It’s ALL myth.

So we are funneled here to create the greatest of myths, and are always surrounded by “alien” aspects of ourselves who aren’t currently in the funnel.    Many of these “aliens” we have come to know as ascended masters, for they remain just backstage ever supporting, encouraging, and prompting those willing to feel and listen to their truth.

Forgetting what a multidimensional universe it is is easy when we believe our physicality is some kind of absolute fact.    There is more space between the current arrangement of our atoms than there are atoms.   How and why these atoms coalesce as they do is part of a quantum “miracle.”   Miracle is just a word for things we don’t understand yet.   Or exactly what the components of an atom come from.

There is a Galactic Federation of spacecraft made of millions of vessels that can wink in and out of the third dimension, but generally don’t.    In a way they are our nurses, and foremost our protectors.   Protecting us from forces we don’t even know about, because we have plenty to deal with right here.     The UFO’s that we do see here are not all from the same universe, but they DO know this a funnel, and tend to bring us more positive than negative input.    Of course, this being a universe of infinite possibility, there are exceptions.     At some point when we are prepared to not be freaked out by what IS, they shall appear in huge numbers to help take us “home.”

The head of the federation fleet is a being named Ashtar, which is a title and responsibility which has been passed along for aeons.    Ashtar works in union with Sananda, as divine a being as one might imagine, who here in the funnel is best known as Jeshua ben Josef,  Jesu, or Jesus.   Many of the discarnates who we perceive as aliens, or orbs, or flashes of light and insight, are little different than us here in the funnel, and take great interest in our evolving.    They know better than most us that we are all the same.    Being scared of “aliens” is kind of like being scared of your own shadow.     As long as we are not fully awakened yet, the entire Cosmos remains waiting in some kind of diminished frequency.

Maybe think of Earth as a funnel atop a huge still.    Because this still has been cooking away for so long, many of us are already the finished product, who know they must remain in the brew until it is … all distilled.    There are more Bodhisattva – those who have awakened and pledged to remain with and among us until all of humanity awakens – than you might imagine.    They exist both in the flesh as well as the angelic frequencies we generally don’t perceive.

Skol, Salud, Cheers, Namaste.   We have come so far that already there are those “toasting” our achievements on space ships and outlying aspects of Eden all over the multiverse.

Earth, Gaia; the third planet swooping around our sun – this amazingly complex funnel of awakening possibilities – is perhaps the most sophisticated space ship of all.


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