Sometimes We Forget the Wrong Stuff

Have you ever, in the midst of your day and posse of thoughts surrounding your head, no matter where you might be, have some kind of mental re-set button pushed, and had everything seem familiar in a new way?     Or even unfamiliar?     You look around at both the ambient and finite details of your surroundings, the very situation you’re in, and wonder how any of it is even possible.     (Or; how did I get in this body?)

We can react to a moment like this either with confusion and fear, or with joy and gratitude: all little understood, yet powerful tools of destruction and creation.

And perhaps experience a moment taking none of it for granted – and yet, All of it.    Because it Has been granted, not by any explanation limited by the agendas within words,  but by sheer force of an infinitely fractal expanding consciousness.     And that’s not an explanation either.    Or that it all began 13.5 billion years ago.

Or maybe 13.5 billion years ago our particular quantum multiverse and its infinite number of points of co-creative consciousness were but a spark of some random or highly focused thought from another reality system altogether?    Perhaps looking to create a level of experience they were incapable of – if “they” even applies.

Perhaps (or not) a chaotic universe of truly separate souls all wanting to be part of One thing.     And here we are , one soul, with infinite separate personalities.     And we require no intercedent to connect with and enjoy our mutual divinity.    (Although a number of truly dedicated souls have incarnated throughout man’s history to show the way – or ways.)   If an idea can become a life form, then here we are.

I am one of those who trusts that it was a very bright idea.     With a kind of permanent shine to it.

Gabriel says we designed it all ourselves, got caught up in our own drama, and forgot.



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