Joyful passion may or may not be the opposite of depression, but it is the broad spectrum of thoughts and emotions spanning these two extremes which mold our personal realities.

This is the basis of the Abraham-Hicks teachings, which I have followed enough to understand.

It is said that fear and excitement are virtually the same frequency.    So what is the difference?    Well, since we are ALL creators with mostly unknown divine abilities, the difference is in what our emotions are all about.

Excitement out of fear ‘creates’ a dark and essentially negative manifestation of a reality.   Excitement out of joy is where the creations come from that people respond favorably toward.

A depressed artist produces dark anguished art, possibly with great skill.

A joyful artist produces something more generally regarded as beautiful.

That being said, there are tons of technically high quality art productions with no life in them.

A piece of art which may not be technically perfect but which carries the joy and passion of its creator seems to me a far better manifestation for the greater good than a technically impressive piece of work created only with the thought of making money – or perhaps only to show off.   The magic instilled in the art through a passionate appreciation of what a miracle co-creation really is remains in the work forever – or at least as long as its substance persists.    The spirit, which precedes the substance, is what Does persist.    It is the only part of the vibration that Can.

As an artist, I’ve had 70 years now to experience the difference.   When things are on track I can feel it as a happy glow in my solar chakra.    This indicator hasn’t failed me yet.   When I’m excited about a project (otherwise I don’t even start) the magic that inspires me then resides in the work, and is perceived, and felt, if not understood, by others.    This is not a newly discovered truth.


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