The Many Names of God

If we must use the word or name “God” to describe or identify ‘what’ and ‘how’ things are, then it’s most important to understand that there is no difference between the god that is the source, sensation, and substance of all things, – and every atom of our body and vibration of our soul.

The only thing that ever varies are our personal finite experiences and perceptions of this quantum event, which can differ wildly depending on our infinite points of view.

Whether we view and experience our personal reality from fear or gratitude makes all the difference in the universe.    Or multiverse.     It’s all one thing.    It’s how it FEELS that makes all the difference – and it is We who create the feeling with however evolved our consciousness happens to be.

Much of life, in its vastly diverse expressions, exists simply for the purpose of giving infinite spirit equally infinite opportunities to experience “physical” life.    Humans happen to be privileged to contain the wherewithal to not only fully experience a third dimensional state of being with all its challenges, but an etheric -or divine – gift that enables us to transcend the physical at the same time and reap the benefits of our understanding our aspect within the source of all substance and sensation.

If your name is Willie or Sue, those are but a very few of the rather personal names of God.


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