An Attachment to Photographs

The problem (or not) with seeing so much beauty in things, and also having a handy device that captures pretty good, or even excellent, images – often better than the eye/mind perceives  them, is the accrual of so many ephemeral memories that were but wonderful illusion.    These bites of the past should not be confused with the universal nature of things, which has no form at all, and only exists in this inherently ever-changing, and more importantly: changeable by whatever our beliefs happen to be, moment.

And I’m still attaching myself to such foregone moments like crazy, though I’m working diligently toward a less attachment based reality.    I’m not a practicing Buddhist but fully get that attachment is indeed the source of all suffering.



How can there possibly be a democratic process when we have a misinformed populace, lobbies, and an electoral college?     Impossible; so we don’t.     We have something quite different than the myth, and there are currently no stable systems in place to fix it.

However, we do all have the ability to awaken out of selfishness, whether we exercise that genetic gift or not.     Sheep probably don’t have that unexploited advantage.