I think that I have just begun

To realize that Spring has sprung,

Though when I saw the giant moon,

It seems it came a bit too soon.


Each day I’m sure that I have seen

The world grow a brighter green,

But as the rains no longer come around,

The land shall soon again be brown.


The daffodils will fade and go,

Letting roses dominate the show.

The days will rapidly grow long,

To the birds, and crickets’ evening song.


The hummingbirds to nectar rise,

Butterflies dancing in the skies,

Coyotes howling in the hills,

With the horned owls’ calling brings me chills.


As the sun swings past its highest peak,

And the summer constellations speak,

The moon shall take its monthly spins,

And the tang of Autumn my heart shall win.