EdenWold Update

‘EdenWold’ is a trilogy I began in 2011 as a single book, inspired by my mystical co-creation experience at the original EdenLight garden, which began almost 30 years ago as an empty acre of rented land.

Over the course of twenty-seven years the garden developed into a system of pathways, vortexes, portals, a flock of chickens, and lots of art made from rocks inlaid with gems.   I also operated it as a nursery for many years.  For my last fifteen years there I lived in an open air gazebo.

I was visited by interesting humans from all over this world, as well as others.    During this long awakening process I was gifted with experiences of quantum change and dialogues with benevolent unseen spirits and entities from multiple dimensions.   The garden was not only beautiful but palpably magical.

The name EdenLight was given to me by a rainbow being, who I consider to be a ‘goddess,’ when the garden was 21 years old.   She is both an individual entity as well as the soul spirit of the garden.    She addresses me as ‘father’.   I have every reason to believe that her mother is Iris, the goddess of both Peace and the Rainbow.    She now has a new home on several pristine acres at the Indian Valley Campus of the College of Marin.  When people ask me how I pulled that off, my only answer I am confident of is ‘Divine Intervention.’

The intense pain I went through being evicted from the first garden is in hindsight one of the greatest spiritual gifts I’ve received.   I find I have really lost nothing except old limiting attachments and EdenLight loves her new home.    The heaven-earth grounding energy lives on in a venue that can be experienced by even more people.


‘EdenWold’ is written.    I’m in the middle of my second and third re-edit/tweaking of all three books, with the main title of ‘EdenWold, Tales from the New Earth’.

Book One:  ‘In the Beginning’

Book Two:  ‘Being the Becoming’

Book Three: ‘Worlds without End’

Next step is to hire a professional editor, which is scary but necessary,  and then hope to find a publisher.    If not, I will self publish.

Friends who have read excerpts are very supportive, but then they are people more of a like mind who have already overcome many of our culture’s bias against believing in our own divinity.   I am still a work in progress myself.

And though I’m sure I was a big help, it feels like ‘EdenWold’ wrote itself.   And it was more fun than most anything else I’ve ever participated in.



What could be more personal than faith?

We tend to judge the faith of others when they are not manifesting what can only be our own infinitely unique life purpose.  They each have their own.

How does one define or measure it?  Again: it’s personal.

I began what I believe was my own spiritual journey with a quest for faith.  For whatever reason, although I believe it to be a reason brought with me from past life streams, I began with the advantage of believing that faith would reveal itself.   Another way of putting this is that I believed, or already had within me, the “faith” to rediscover the power of faith.

Without it we are but a leaf in the stream.   Without it our ability to heal, and perform all the other “miracles” which constitute our natural well being are seriously diminished – limiting us to the unavoidable Laws of Attraction and Karma.  With faith we can only employ these powerful laws to our greater advantage.

Hearing the Archangel Gabriel repeatedly say that “All reality is belief based” was a tremendous help.

Faith is in part nothing less than the courage to access our own infinite personal indwelling divinity – in spite of all social, religious, and past life conditioning.

To hedge my bet I have indeed prayed for faith.   Prayed to what or whom?  That which I believe to not be something or someone, but Everything.  Which then unavoidably includes myself.  There is no greater synchronicity than knowing I am part of you, and that you are a part of me.   And that whatever that totality is wants to manifest something greater than smallness and petty, though emotionally powerful, attachments.

Do I have faith?  I believe so.   Can it be improved upon?   Always.