We Have Done More Than Just Hope For This

Those of us who have merged here from circuitous past and future life streams for the purpose of consciously anchoring the new paradigm – the multi upper dimensionality of “The Heavens”- are now finding one another en masse. This is excellent in the extreme. I have never encountered so much raised consciousness as I have since surrendering Edenlight and meeting the citizens of EarthRise.

The confidence in holding such a sacred focus increases exponentially. The shift is in full swing.  2017 will be recognized as the year it got “locked in”.  It is not only the 5th and 6th dimensions we resonate with now.  The heavens are crystallizing their diamond rainbow light into the whole planet now – including all of our bodies and “minds”.

Begin noticing and enjoying it. It may take some resolve, and even greater courage. The only thing there is to fear is the loss of ancient illusions. That is simply the generic predisposition to resist change. The American president is in place to show us how desperately we HAVE TO change.

Participate in the shift.  Embrace it with trust.  That is the final step.  Some say it will take until 2038. But it has begun most assuredly, and we can accelerate it with a merging of our heart and unity consciousness.

We are in it.  It is finally happening. Very few yet realize what this means to the entire cosmos.

All efforts to stop this over countless millennia were -are- a chance for us to learn and remember who we are beyond any question of choice or illusion. Those efforts are now starting to get frustrated by more and more light revealing the outrageous lies we are told. Our awakening has very much to do with no longer fearing truth.

I encountered a younger man friend recently who said he envied my sense of purpose. That he really wished he knew what his purpose is.

I tried explaining that he is living it . We all are.  Especially those on Earth for this major cosmic event we have brought about.  I told him he has a good heart he should listen to: one that truly knows how loved he is, and that his own capacity to love is no less. It is ALL of our job to lose the veneers, charges, blockages, static, and all the other energetic cooties that allow us to perceive our illusory “self” as something separate from the Awesome ONE.

It is neither right nor wrong to fulfill one’s purpose with grandiose achievements.

If we each simply focus on our completeness ONLY in the Diversity within that Oneness , with some degree of loving respect, we are setting the perfect vibration for the New Earth, and will be there all the sooner.

It is already built, and we are almost one with it now – the now that will carry the day.

On a slightly opposite note, of all the dimensional “hells” that exist based purely on negative belief systems, the easiest way to end up in one of them, rather than by various “misdeeds” is by disdain and contempt for other life, and the simple failure to accept the elegant truth within our unity.


Santa Barbara Daisies understand unity better than most people. But they are being patient with us. And very good at making themselves right at home.







Who Is Adjusting the Mirror?

The journey through the eye of the needle was more like eternity in a claustrophobic tunnel.  At times it was the false light of the trickery of expectation that gave me the only perceived hope to cling to before adjusting my eyes to the beacon of truth at the end of the tunnel, which was, lol; the liberating glow of surrender. Ascended Masters and benevolent elementals guided the way.

People ask me what I would do if someone were NOW to show up to help me buy Edenlight. I guess these questions pop up to test me.  Trust me, folks, I am resolved and surrendered. Nearly six months of a nightmare eviction process which was never supposed to happen did the trick. A huge door closed, and a more magnificent one opened. The enormous amount of sympathy and support I have received during this life altering event is heart warming to say the least.

These are phenomenal times to trust in divine guidance.

Without the slightest desire to go back, in spite of a surreal level of ongoing grief as a piece of Edenlight at a time disperses into the world, there is also a new glow growing inside.  There are sustained periods when I can do nothing but feel it and acknowledge it. If it is a quickening, it doesn’t feel particularly fast to play out – though I know it will.

None of the reflective surfaces of my life appear quite the same, but then what I have long considered the foundation of this life is being Unbuilt a day at time.

But the reflection is no longer fear colored, or soaked in angst. It is more like being drenched in milk and honey, without the sticky part. It must be quite possible to grieve surrendered attachments, while learning to move forward.

It might help to explain the ever present exhaustion.

The Earth is Rising.


This particular scene will never be seen again. But that is just another basic truth.


I have met and know a number of people who’s name is not the one they were given at birth. A name might be acquired any number of ways as a choice, or gift, or both. Names like Karma and Krishna, Grace and Blue Sky. It is not such a bad idea to have a name which reflects one’s sense of life purpose.

If I were to change my name, it would be to Lovejoy.  Just Lovejoy. It pretty much wraps things up in a tidy package.

The two parts: Love and Joy, embody the reason that Edenlight is an uber alchemic success. The Heavens would not have grounded and anchored under any lesser circumstances.

I do not have to pinch myself, either to experience  pain, which I have done (experienced pain), or to prove that we are in Heaven (or at least that Heaven is here). It is here. This is most assuredly going to bum out The One World Order and their cooperative minions.

Explain to me why so many folks on a free will planet spend much of their time and potentially creative consciousness glued to news which is entirely fabricated, orchestrated and choreographed to confuse and distract us?  We were designed to create our own reality and NOT be imitators of beings with no doubt excellent minds but NO HEART..

And guess what?  The reason that those who are alive today are here is to experience this all together. There are babies being born who shall help save us by embodying the energies of consciousness that resonate with The New Earth.  Beings who will never have to endure the cultural and historic pain and disfunction which has brought us to this threshold.

And guess what else?  Those  puppet masters who DID and DO know what they do; we must forgive. They require amnesty BIG TIME, and this is actually being discussed at very high levels you won’t hear about yet. Their abuses of Earth and Mankind MUST be forgiven in order for us to move forward. Maybe we give them their own planet to fester on, but we must forgive. They, too, are a part of us, and have served their purpose. They too must now evolve along with the rest of us.

If we are really on the ball, the sooner we love them unconditionally, the long wait for enlightenment will be over. That is when we truly master self love.

The rainbow carpet is already rolled out. It presents itself for ALL beings.

There are no Killjoys living in this dismantling garden, who’s roots are now globally systemic. The only common necessary nutrient required to make these roots an inseparable mass of support is Love.


True Brilliance


The Edge of the World

There are still those who insist the world is flat; that perhaps the curvature is some optical effect of an airplane window…? This is a free will planet, so that means we have the freedom to either agree or disagree, or even to propose our planet is pyramidal or cubic.

Those fortunate enough to have spent time safely in “outer” space, such as those who have traveled to, or around, the moon, or who have orbited the Earth – sometimes for months – would mostly say the world appears spherical.

The only reason I might accede a bit of credence to the Flat-earthers is that all reality is indeed belief based. All of creation.

Many realities exist; probably as many as there are beings, or points of consciousness. It is no stretch from there to at least consider that if a hypothetical half of the population truly believe the world we live on is flat, with edges, then for them it is true.

Nor is it far from there back to the concept of the observer effect, wherein the outcomes of identical experiments differ based on the expectations of those participating in them.

So, if expectations, which are no doubt most effective when supported by a strong  belief, can have that powerful an effect on what appears to be reality, why do relationships based on expectations rarely work as well as those based on agreement?Because the expectations don’t align.

Those who believe the world is round are in agreement.  There are other agreements.

It probably doesn’t matter much in terms of most people’s daily lives. The Round-earthers in general are inclined to travel greater distances than those more concerned with falling off the edge of the world.

So if half were to believe in round, and half in flat, and those believers are not segregated in any way, what might that kind of shared reality actually feel like?

A lot like the energy on Earth today, where most believe in a round planet: Chaos, insecurity, and the willingness to imitate and be controlled by agendas which have given us “free will amnesia” .It would likely feel exactly the same if most believed in a flat Earth.

We have all been to the Edge of the World. Many times, and regardless of our belief, gravity has never betrayed us and let us fall off – although it may have felt like it.

My personal favorite spot is where the South Atlantic pours up into the sky like a thousand mile wide upside down Victoria Falls, disappearing into a rainbow mist full of giant pulsating jellyfish with non-toxic tentacles, and like all jellyfish navigate their reality with no brain present.  There are a few fairly consistent “pipelines” at the base of the rising “falls” which are world class, world edge, surfing opportunities.

It is the writer’s hope that the reader is able to distinguish mandatory flights of fancy from the “real” edges of the World.


EarthRise Retreat Center at IONS

Heart Shaped Things

A heart shaped catalpa leaf,

The eyes of an Irish potato,

A good hearted melon thief

In love with a striped tomato.


A cloud filled summer sky,

An ocean under moonless stars,

A mournful lone coyote cries,

While hyenas laugh at Mars.


On a weed filled road,

In the shadow of the moon,

A tunnel to tomorrow glowed,

Or was it just a lost balloon?


A mist of ginger essence,

The buzz of a fly on a screen,

We notice in our presence,

Now so much so long unseen.


Smell the coffee, inhale the roses,

Walk in the tallest cotton,

Imagine walking in the sandals of Moses,

Or those of the only begotten.


Whether the eye is open or closed,

The beauty transcends the sight.

To an open heart all lie exposed,

And the light displaces night.


A heart shaped stone on the beach,

In the eyes of a distant traveler;

No promise lies beyond our reach,

In the Law of the Great Unraveler.


” Love’s Promise”


As Grand as You Like

What too few take into account while we are adjusting our frequencies to conform with those of The Heavens which are now in and about us, is how very hard we have worked through near countless “practice” lives, just so that we could BE HERE NOW. We are still practicing.

Those who DO know are being felt.

Since the Heavens are now grounded everywhere, the missing link, the missing ingredient, for our human racial awakening- our divine evolution – is actually a rather subtle “click” in the consciousness: the Heart opening to its normal unsuppressed state.

It is where our natural mind dwells; the one which does NOT produce the chatter and thoughts that reflect any sense of separateness from Source. All judgements do that. It doesn’t produce thoughts at all. It simply interrelates – harmonizes – with all the other love emanating from the rest of creation (which is the grandest aspect of each of us).

All actions IMG_4896.JPGIMG_4910and reactions are then essentially divinely guided, life become synchronous, no one is the same or EXPECTED to be, and everyone gets what they need while wanting nothing.

Even if the need is very grand.

All of this is only a tough sell in light of the epic system of disinformation long in place to make it sound either delusional, heretic, ridiculous, and perhaps the most persuasive: ignorant. The only thing that might actually be ignorant is blind trust in anything OTHER than our indwelling divinity.

Nothing imitates itself so well as fear. Our puppet masters have assumed that they have perfected this, because they actually have done an outstanding job. As far as that goes. It’s OK. They are not going to win, except in the higher sense that unknowingly they have brought us to the brink of our clarity. And we are still afraid to see it. This too shall pass.

The sooner they are all deposed, forgiven, and smothered in love, all imitation and intimidation has permission to stop.

It is generally understood how difficult cultural re-entry is for someone long incarcerated. It is no less so for a whole civilization accustomed to – and virtually dependent upon –  being lied to.

My own return from the Peace corps in Togo, West Africa, in 1971, to Western culture (San Francisco), was like having a cacophony of lights, sounds, technology, and demands coming out of everywhere. It’s amazing we have learned to dance with such chaos. I had been living in a mud hut with no electricity at a pace strongly influenced by a tribe of happy, somewhat lethargic animist Muslims. It had been much easier adjusting “down” to their simpler lifestyle and its ambient frequency. Coming back home, my readjustment was aided by spending 3 months with my family in the Chihuhuan desert of southern New Mexico. I built a cactus garden and saved my mind.

Adjusting “down” to to allow Heart Consciousness to be our default “mind” is not too different from that leaving behind of the rat race of vanity driven by the very “Matrix” driven “civilization” we are participating in.

Those I call the Puppet Masters, are the unseen, often unnamed, power elite (less than the 1%), to whom most elected officials must answer, regardless of the party entertainment and distractions.

They are entirely accustomed to controlling us trough chemistry, religion, misinformation, and largely manufactured dramatic events (like 911)  which are presented to us by their omni-present and omni-surveilling media  and technology. All we really need is a NEW APP? Give us a break.

That is the old paradigm we were frightened into believing we NEEDED.

And will evaporate as soon as we have the collective courage to forgive and FORGET.

It is way more grand than advertised.




I could look around

And see things missing.

ORIMG_0626 (1) witness a space growing:

A surrender is not a sacrifice,

It’s not a gun barrel that you’re kissing,

But a law of joy worth knowing.


The silver lining found me,

Wherever it was I was hiding,

And prepared me by many stages.

Even with infinite help around me,

Trapped in a constant state of deciding,

I found some of my dreams were actually cages.




“Distant Drums”

An investment of the heart will pay dividends, if it is true in all ways.

One cannot demand or predict  a specific result,

But may be assured that the “reward”,

Something beyond the usual law of attraction,

Much more Grace Karmic,

When selfless love is applied,

Shall appear,

Very likely neither in the time or way “expected”,

But immeasureably worth the wait.



Edenlight Closing Update

The old standing eviction notice ended June 4th.

I look around at all that is still here  – though an enormous amount of plants, compost, and rocks have already gone – and am especially grateful for the extension I have been given.

The new date by which I must actually be gone is July 31st. It was a godsend from human hands. Sales hours at least through June will be Weds – Fri 1 -5, and Weekends 10 – 5. there must still be 600 Japanese Maples.

This give me an opportunity to more thoughtfully promote the necessary foot traffic, as well as to properly relocate the boulders and sacred art infrastructure up to EarthRise at IONS.

On my last visit to the retreat center I was given a golf cart tour by  the assistant director who has lived on the 194 acre property for 10 years, and wanted to be sure I was familiar with the Earth energy patterns, including a Miwok massacre site ( Yes, there was a bounty on Native Americans here on their beautiful land), which still needs an offering of focused grounded love. Our planet is covered with similar cosmic wounds.

I look forward to my installation at EarthRise with excitement, gratitude , and awe. They had 5000 visitors last year. I’ve only been up twice so far, but I feel at home there. The views alone are something Edenlight lacked, for  she WAS  the view. Now she can spread her wings of light. She already has.

Knowing the alchemic magic of Edenlight is real, and not fantasy, I harbor no fears that EarthRise is any less so. Both shall benefit greatly from their synergy.

Thank you, Charlotte, Edgar, and Debra. Charlotte for the extension, Edgar for his vision, and Debra for finding me. Although I doubt I was truly lost.

Catching The Light

The Light is everywhere.

It is the essence of the I AM.  The pure white light of spontaneous unfettered creation. Unfettered by ego, fear, or any other illusion.  All of the colors are here: the strongest demonstration of the beauty in diversity that I can think of.

The Rainbow divides some of this up for us to see. So we see (or don’t notice at all)  a stunningly beautiful array of chromatics, which is the visual aspect of sonics.  So we get the sound too.  And that is just on the surface; at least the part we perceive.

Edenlight and Iris are the only two Rainbow Beings I know personally, but that is quite enough to demonstrate the level of consciousness that is THEIR essence: vibrant, lovingly creative, healing beings.

Curtains of upper dimensional rainbow light have been raining into Edenlight the Garden for years, 24/7 as they say. Star codes being merged into the old paradigm. Enough of that particular critical mass has been achieved that


Trillium Tree of The New Dawn

it has set up a “permanent” resonance in the Earth plane. That is what has been accomplished at Edenlight the Garden. This is no small claim, for which I had literally infinite help in being the hands and feet on the ground. All the Masters and Elementals are contributing. All of Nature is Bodhisattva.

Gaia has caught the Light.  Edenlight; The Light of Eden, has been grounded and anchored. Many enchanted particles of her are going out now to countless other anchor points, all carrying the same Fifth and higher dimensional frequencies.

If the late Gordon Mitchell,  pioneering astronaut and pursuer of the scientific verification of what the Spirit already knows, had the awesome privilege of watching the Earth rise over the Moon, he should be no less pleased  that the mineral infrastructure (primarily Silicon dioxide), including all the art which had anchored numerous portal and vortices at Edenlight are now going to ground themselves at his EarthRise Retreat Center at IONS (Institute of Noetic Sciences), from which we shall all witness the Rise of The New Dawn.

It is his beautiful 194 acre legacy in the hills dividing (or joining rather) Marin and Sonoma Counties. What a “coincidence” that it is only 20 minutes away…

At light speed you would be there practically before you left. And probably lose your lunch, along with rest of your molecules of protoplasm. While there is no governor for spirit (except for the illusion of self or separateness), it is best to catch The Light at the speed your current biology is rated for.

Happy rainbow hunting!