Ents Are Real

I haven’t seen them get up and get all excited, but the conversations are certainly wonderful.



Synchronicity and Positivity


8 deer coming down Mt. Burdell after sunset to eat apples and drink in the puddles of the seasonal creek.

These are things we learn and experience when we choose to expand our consciousness beyond the cages of the deceptions manifest by “self” concern, and the paradigms of fear they promote or are attracted to.

The illusion of ourself being something separate from All That Is, including the overt symptoms of selfishness, sense of lack, sense of aloneness, depression, and actual lack and disfunction, is the most common “reality” on Earth now.  I repeat (continuously): ALL reality is belief based.

All the false beliefs about our limitations, particularly the horrid myth that the Source of Creation is some form of judge capable of casting us into eternal “hell”, are promoted by the darker spectrum of The One Light which is compelled to control us. Even “It” is in survival mode. These systems of mind control which have been inserted into most major religions, are aided and abetted by perpetual war, a craftily rigged economic system, essence blocking chemistry, a phenomenally pervasive media, and actual dark science now: all the dark systems in place that keep us distracted in “survival” mode.

ALL experience is valuable. There is no punishment; only consequences. How many times we repeat the same lessons is up to each of us. How many poor choices  we imitate is up to each of us.  How susceptible to surrounding influences we are is up to each of us.

The cure? STOP believing everything you are told, and especially what you THINK. The only reason we don’t do this is fear.  Fear of rejection. Fear of seeming different. Fear of lack. Fear of illness. Fear of “God” is endemic and perhaps the most debilitating of all.

Try to remember how good you feel when you get out of your own way and do something kind or generous.

One thing most religions have right is that if we  put our ENTIRE confidence, trust, faith -whatever we want to call it- in what is variously named God, Source, The Creator, Creation, The Alpha and Omega, The All that Is of which we are each an integral part, -then regardless of what form our life takes, it is perfect. Do not confuse being attached to the imposed dogmas of religion with being spiritually aware and connected to Source.  Only the heart – not the mind – can achieve this. Only when we radiate back out the love that created everything:  It is the true infinity loop.

Intolerance of Anyone, regardless of their professed belief, breaks this loop. “Holier than thou” is as common and bad as it sounds. I was raised in somewhat of a Christian church environment, with Jewish overtones, and am saddened by how many professed followers of Jesus Christ are so quick to condemn someone who isn’t willing to follow all the laws Jesus didn’t care about. There was only one law that held his attention, and that was to love one another as we are loved.

Don’t waste your life imitating for the sake of conformance. Don’t put off awakening by hating and condemning perhaps a whole race you have no doubt been a member of in a past life stream.   Practice only being your divinely unique self.  Start by believing this is so. It is our greatest unappreciated gift. If we seek peace and synchronicity, that is the well from which it springs.

None of this works if we are not only willing to, but Learn to Enjoy, relating with our heart, rather than the still dominant vestige of our reptilian reactive brain.

We are rapidly evolving from that fear based REACTIVE reality to the new paradigm where we exist synchronously by awareness of our individual/collective RADIANT and innate divine nature.

As we are not being judged, nor should we.

Expectation and attachment are pretty much the root of all disappointment and suffering.  We have some pretty sick attachments and too many fearful expectations. In no way do I imply that turning this massive ark of human disfunction from one of selfish fear to one of smooth sailing into our sacred Oneness is a simple navigational feat. We must first be willing to believe that we are individually infinitely unique as created ( much of it by our own choosing), and that our highest power is in accepting our collective diversity as one miraculous synchronous truth.

There is no synchronicity without the letting go of that actually very thin skin of self and ego that is not a protective prophylactic as we think, but an energetic strait jacket.

Everything meets at the Zero Point in The Quantum Field that connects all things in all dimensions. This is why the seeming miracles of synchronicity are able to exist at all.

Every miracle is an invitation to faith, and if you look closely, there is NOTHING that is not some level of miracle, most notably: life itself.

My personal life, while perhaps not traditionally “perfect” is  increasingly filled with synchronous events. They may appear as what are called coincidences, and can vary from tiny humorous occurrences, to dreams seeming to come true from out of “nowhere”.

What I have learned Not to do is over analyze any one set of events as though it were isolated, or worse; the final outcome.  If a specific happening or lesson is not immediately understandable or obvious, I celebrate that it is simply positive, in the moment. I never question that I am, as the Archangel Gabriel professes, outrageously blessed.

Then it is but a bright beacon, both illuminating The Now and gently leading me forward.

It takes conscious presence and practice,  and not worrying about what everyone else thinks.

When the joy that connects us to Source waivers, so does our synchronicity.

So seek and maintain joy.  The lower frequencies aren’t very helpful other than as a seemingly endless annoying education about exactly THAT.  And they are compelling when you are in a tribal body.

And we are,  here.



Communing With the Trees


An enchanted Bay named Guindemere


The view while seated in the triple Bay, who’s name is Elijah, though I hear it as Elajah. Center tree’s name is Honor.


A Blue Oak, (Quercus douglasii)  further up the mountain. It is One tree; the yin on the left, and yang on the right. Its name is Granlee.


The triple Bay, Elijah, at center. The bowing Bay at top is named Sharanga.


Wasp galls on a fallen Quercus lobata (Valley Oak) leaf.

You could say I’m a tree hugger.  You could say I’m a dreamer.  But I’m not the only one… Thank goodness.  You could also say we’re all in trouble if we can’t IMAGINE. This is a problem I’m not having.  At Edenlight garden I constructed a large assembly of Porphyry Granite and Pink Aventurine Quartzite which represented the Pillars of Heaven and Earth, and was dedicated to John Lennon and George Harrison.  During my dedication meditation years ago, when I thanked them both for what they had given us I was rewarded with a brief reciprocal acknowledgement complete with the British accents!  Its title is “Imagine, My Sweet Lord” and is now standing at the back of The Oak Grove up at the EarthRise Retreat Center at IONS.

I have been hiking in the hills behind my house since 1985.  Having a gate in the back yard that opens directly onto The Mt. Burdell Open Space Preserve made this convenient. The wooded canyons and grassy slopes were compellingly inviting (and still are),  though seemingly less lush and biodiverse than where nature first captivated me in my native Montgomery County, Ohio.

If I am to revere all diversity, nowhere is it more diverse than within the world of Nature.  Perhaps our greatest challenge is realizing  that all humans are part of this truth.  Having recently completed a sculpture titled Mother Nature and The Rock of Ages was evidently preparatory to this next phase of my life I’m in without the surrounding comfort and magic of Edenlight the Garden. The Rock of Ages part is represented by an eight pound chunk of Rose Quartz, a pink form of Silicon dioxide (SiO2), representing “nothing” more than Love.

Having hugged a lot of humans in recent years, both male and female, while actually connecting energetically rather than just going through ceremonial motions, has not been a wasted exercise.  Now that I’m actively revisiting my old stomping grounds behind the house, I am not only drawn by the earth magic, but experiencing it on a whole new level: when I say say I hug and talk to trees, it is not just romantic metaphor.  I can Feel their diversity, and most importantly, their love. It is in fact the Source Love within us.  Often now, the tree’s names come almost faster than I can ask.

One tree in particular, a triple trunked California Bay Laurel tree, seems to have taken a special liking to me, and upon the three times I have visited it, the experience has been progressively richer. Umbellularia californica, more commonly known as California Bay ( and in Oregon as Oregon Myrtle), is the primary constituent of the lower valleys and slopes of much of the Coastal Range of hills. Walking upon the pungent flat slippery leaves on steep terrain is similar to walking on tiny slick shingles that aren’t nailed down.  Sometimes watching your step, you miss what is watching You.

I have connected with three particular multi-trunked beings,  a Valley Oak, a Bay, and a Blue Oak, all of which have separate energetically male and female trunks. The third, middle trunk of the Bay is androgynous – like the archangels.  On the third visit to the Bay, which told me on the first two visits, respectively,” We have been waiting”, and ” We will show you things you haven’t seen”, the tree which didn’t appear to be a comfortable place to sit, showed me that not only was it comforting to sit upon the pronounced swollen crown, but to do so with my back against the center component was the whole point.

Here the dialogue flowed freely, and when I relaxed, found I was being embraced by what I might only describe as a throne of Love.  It is a place that requires no dialogue at all.  What is one supposed to say when in a state of primal bliss?

I was present enough to say Thank You, and didn’t have to mention, ” I will be back.”

A Walk in the Woods


The “Sitting Oak”.


The triple trunk Bay. On my second visit to this tree it said, ” We will show you things you have not seen.”


The sitting Oak behind a bowed Bay


Nodules on the base of the triple Bay.


A writer’s conch shelf fungus on the root crown of the Bay.


I hiked up out of the trees on the right, facing East, over San Marin.


View from the top, facing West toward Stafford Lake.

This late afternoon, early evening, I took a walk in “the wilds” behind my house. I turned right through the Open Space turnstile at the side, was on The Bay Area Ridge Trail for maybe a hundred yards, ducked under a barbed wire fence which wasn’t there the last time I went that way, and proceeded up a dry rock strewn stream on private ranch land.  I must not have noticed the new no trespassing sign.

The stones under foot were mostly flattish water worn gray shingles an inch or two thick, mostly the size of my hand or smaller, and were often composed of folded light and dark layers; some with veins of milky quartz. This stream bisects a fairly steep valley on a fault line. The soil on the right side is red, while on the left it is  distinctly gray. I departed the stone path just before a reclining Bay tree I didn’t care to crawl under, and headed up the gray side on the left.. The only evidence of this in the golden grasses dotted with the small yellow suns of the aromatic and sticky tar weed were the roughly quilted patches of gopher mounds.

My walking uphill toward the low sun which backlit the banks of grasses flanking my deer trail soon ended in the canopy of oak and bay trees which filled the canyon deepening  into this southwest buttress of Mt. Burdell. This trail I had been familiar with thirty years ago was strewn with the long fallen trunks of bay and oak, and I followed the detours created by hoof and foot.

The stream bed off to my right was now deeper, rockier, and assembled from increasingly large and fantastic folded rock, and a large percentage of slabs and pieces of semi-polished blue schist, which had spent time long ago about fifteen miles below the earth surface. I suspect the presence of the fault line is no coincidence

Now in a fairly open deep woods, I came upon a perfect tree to sit upon and take a break.  With two trunks divided into a V at sitting height, and the large callused end of a missing third trunk in front forming a kind of saddle, I sat back and was immediately absorbed in the view.

The barbed wire fence paralleled the far side of the seasonal creek, and was only a minor distraction traversing the receding panorama on the far hillside of bands of different colored grasses in varying exposure to the amber sunlight, and accented with the silhouettes and foliage of all manner of ancient and newer tree forms. I was nearly transfixed by the Earth beauty of this tableau.

It occurred to me to thank this live oak, and in standing behind it giving each trunk an appreciative hug, I discovered that one was yin, and the other yang.  Clearly.  There was I time I was not yet able to recognize this.

When I moved on up the trail, I made maybe thirty feet before I stopped short before a triple trunked bay tree. Standing nearer the shoulder of the stream, it had pronounced bumpy nodules on its swollen burl base. Leaning into it, with a hand braced against the right and left trunks, I found this tree to be even more magical than the last. Especially when it told me: “We have been waiting.”  I had a wonderful hugging tree at Edenlight, named Ygdrassil, yet standing before this triple fan of foot thick tree stems, was like nothing had I built or planted in that acre mandala.

Like the sitting oak, when I held both sides of this tree, a circuit was completed, and Earth Magic flowed. This tree too has a male and female trunk, with the middle one being that androgynous balance of both.

This was such a compelling experience I went back briefly to the sitting tree, where my feet just touched the ground, and looked once more at the perfectly etched and glowing tapestry of creation before me.  I knew as well as I know anything that this Place had called me.

It was here that I wrote these metaphoric thoughts on the back of a business card in my wallet:

We are in the late summer of the old paradigm. The grass is brown and brittle. Autumn has already been in the air for a month.  Winter is coming.  In many places it is already here.  Winter CAN (and should) be a time of peaceful stillness and regrouping; a place from which a fragrant and verdant Primavera might Spring.

I continued on up out of the trees, climbing a steep grassy slope to the top, where there is a fire road, affording me a view of glistening  Stafford Lake nestled in the receding banks of  hills to the West. While lamenting that my phone had died at the beginning of the walk, after taking only one photo, I saw many things with a slightly different eye to the future.  I noticed on a distant mountain face an interesting copse of trees, in the primarily chamise populated chaparral,  that I plan to visit on a future hike.

I realize as I finish this post, that the route I had followed was counterclockwise – or yin- and it is no doubt the way I will meet the mountain next time.


The Tide Line

Please forgive the literary liberties with metaphor, but these make the point: We are now living in The Tide Line described in the Chaos post.

If we were actually swimming in this turmoil out in the middle of The Bay, we wouldn’t be thinking about metaphor. We would be trying to survive. This is what most of us are involved in now.

The tides of the Past and the tides of the Future are our Tide Line now. They are opposing.  In physics, this intersection or opposition of paradigms or disciplines is where all the exciting changes and discoveries occur.  Where the currents meet and mix is kind of a super Petri dish of possibilities.

We have a choice in this maelstrom. We always have a choice. The most important choices are typically challenging. We are coming into The Age of Aquarius, so it is useful to perceive and pursue this new Tide of promise and the liberation from fear with conscious resolve.

Right now, no matter what we do it may feel like we are swimming against the tide. This is the nature of The Tides of Change.

If we allow fears acquired from the media and the orchestrated world events, combined with our own personal life challenges,  to depress and defeat us, the Old Tide will pull us under, and we will likely be swept out to sea. physical death is always ultimately inevitable. Spiritual death and the energies of higher consciousness are Not.

Fear itself is a form of spiritual death; the opposite of life creating and life supporting Love.  Selfishness, greed, judgement, and bigotry are all the illegitimate children of fear. Why illegitimate? Because we conceive and deliver them outside of a union with the uniting spirit of all things: Love.

I have talked about Faith earlier. Whether our faith is religious, spiritual, or a naturally optimistic nature, something of that sort is absolutely essential. Without it, the distractions which cause us to fear for our survival, to fail to rejoice in our unity, to fail to embrace the essential beauty in diversity,  shall prevail.  They are deeply entrenched within our third dimensional experience. The old controls over us do not want to let go.  Dismantling Edenlight is something I had no intention of ever doing.  I surely resisted – which is Not how to acquire or retain something-but the prevailing energies around me “won”.  My higher belief is that The Divine won. It certainly helps me to believe so. My personal faith includes believing that even this apparent loss was choreographed by a sophisticated and ultimately benevolent matrix of energies: the energies of the Light.

I am reminded of a single line in Eckhardt Tolle’s The Power of Now:  “All structures are temporary.”

It’s kind of amazing that many of the traditional systems which limit us in so many ways are maintained by only a handful of mostly anonymous individuals.

They are The Dying Tide Now. Don’t be overly discouraged if their reign of terror doesn’t seem to end soon enough. We have been long saturated by being accustomed to their reek of death, but it Will end. The largely economic tools they use to suppress us shall become completely obsolete. They can’t hide in plain sight too much longer. They have long prevented the intervention and aid from higher consciousness ,which while already on the Earth, are not OF the Earth. This applies equally to Jeshua and many extra-terrestrials.

Swim INTO the incoming Tide.  Embrace it. It is The Rising Tide.  Do not fear or doubt the coming of wonderful surprises, for they are already within Gaia’s new frequencies.

The old waters of deception cannot maintain their grip in this tidal upswell of consciousness and the full light of this rising sun of The New Dawn that is illuminating and opening our hearts.

Turning around and swimming backward is no longer even possible, other than in the fear driven mind.


Even though we are well into the Paradigm Shift, the most obvious symptom of it at this time is the ubiquitous chaos. This is mostly evident to the 99% who are not outrageously insulated from it by ego and wealth. It is a false but pervasive buffer from a greater reality. By no means does it remove them from the Laws of Karma, and the interconnectedness of all things, all events, all outcomes.

It is argued that this geopolitical, economic, and social chaos is essential to bring about change. Positive change, as change is also Law.

A record amount of lives in upheaval, displacement, disappointment, and grief.

Fear is certainly not taking a vacation.

There is most certainly Spiritual Chaos as well. Our rapport between the Etheric and the Elemental is being severely challenged by our self identities and fears, while being offered unprecedented “cosmic” assistance to awaken into our “higher” already present selves. Fundamental bigotry would of course prefer to remain here. All energies, light or dark, have self preservation as a priority.

The more light we shine the more we stir up and attract the dark. Darkness will alway seek the weakest point in the brightest light. I experienced this during my 8 month eviction process at Edenlight- something I had the vanity to believe could not happen.

Yesterday I met a new caretaker up at the Earthrise Retreat Center. He asked my why I had brought so many plants up there, which led to my telling some of the recent story of Edenlight. He then shared an observation from many years of sailing on San Francisco Bay:  When the tide changes, there is a dramatically visible line of demarcation between the ingoing and outgoing bodies of water, characterized by between a quarter and half mile wide line of turbulence and debris.

We are currently in this kind of debris field, which is known as The Tide Line,and it is only our hearts, our will, and our reverence for truth that can turn this tide we are in into The New Earth.


In nature these borders where ecosystems intersect are called transition zones. It is where the greatest biodiversity exists, such as where land meets water, or the edge of a prairie, or  the edge of a woods where sun and shade mix.

This time in history is a metaphysical, and ultimately physical, transition zone. The old paradigm of survival and self concern is being steadily and surely overshadowed by a greater awareness of the inherent interconnectedness – interdependence – of all that is.

Clinging to old paradigm fears and the dogmas that have preserved them are but food for the chaos. One of the most pervasive of these is that the Source of all things is somehow able to judge and punish. That is something only WE have excelled at.

Edenlight Update


Mother Nature and the Rock of Ages. This is the final piece of art completed at Edenlight.It is carved from 2 colors of sandstone, a piece of grafted cherry wood, and rose quartz (Love).


Agatized Ammonite head dress with Amethyst, sapphire eye, and Diamond ring.


The stripped down gazebo, which I virtually lived in for the past 10 years and affectionately thought of as Starship Command.

My last day at Edenlight Garden was August 31st. Actually I took one final load to the public landfill the next morning. It felt very strange spending a ton of money to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of plants over the past half year. What is so bizarre is that now I learn the property is to be relisted at about the amount I offered in January, which was prejudiciously rejected at that time… I was not allowed to make the offer. Plus a half year of mental abuse.

Yes, a door is closed. And others are opening.

In  perspective; It is a time of horrible planetary turmoil, which must evidently occur before reason and higher consciousness prevail. World leadership seems not to exist. I just learned the Russian Embassy in San Francisco closed because the egos of two grown children DO prevail . You can’t watch news of Hurricane Harvey (with Irma hot on its tail) without being touched by unimaginable suffering and loss. We have a war driven, greed driven economy which touches our entire social and mental structure.

I have a house with a small wonderful garden, a wife, two beautiful daughters, and five bright and healthy grandchildren. I can create art, sing, and write, have my own good health, and if it weren’t a record 108 Degrees under smoke filled skies I might be deliriously happy.

Under these circumstances it’s even a bit hard for me to believe the miracles that occurred at Edenlight, where I spent 27 years building a model paradise,  which I mostly lived in for the past 10. Thoreau only spent 2 years, 2 months, and 2 days on Walden Pond. Good transcendental practice for both of us…

But they did.  The Heavens are grounded to Earth.  Permanently, if there is such a thing.

It is a set of frequencies that have yet to be assimilated into the hearts and minds of all humans. I suspect the current chaos is essential to turn the tide which is surely rising behind the scenes. We approach the entirely new Age of Aquarius; The Golden Age on Planet Earth.

Namaste.   It means the awareness of the “God” or unity of all things. It cannot be undone; only misinterpreted.


Islands in Mother Nature


Lily of the Nile


New Guinea Impatiens







Wherever you may observe and experience the work of Mother Nature, may you be inspired to appreciate the spectacular inclusivity which She embodies so well, so infinitely; so fractal in its beauteous creativity.

We have the choice of being One with all this, One with All That Is, or….separate. We can imagine we are an island, while forgetting an island could not BE without its surrounding waters, and what it is that it fills or flows through; or from whence Any of it came.

Island: as good a solid illusion as any. Mother Nature has never forgotten Her Source essence.  We are striving toward that same Beginning Without End, which we already contain cellularly.

Islands are especially beautiful Only because of the greater context in which they exist. If you want to think you’re an island; fine. It makes you no less beautiful except in your own eyes.   A rather serious oversight.