Leaving Eden

The disassembly of Edenlight the garden has been the last chapter at Edenlight University. In the past few months the best and worst of human nature have appeared.

The best have appeared in the form of generosity with time, money, material, and emotional  support. Vultures have more natural integrity than the small handful of greedy opportunists who showed up when I began giving plants away.  Only plants, please. Some of the worst offenders were those who boldly walked off with lots of plants that people had already paid for or tagged clearly. Yesterday I caught a lady stuffing the back of her white Denali with part of my 26 year rock collection which I had segregated by the gazebo.  Her excuse: “They’re only ROCKS,” she shrieked at me. I told her that with that attitude about the sacred rocks she should find a planet to live on where there aren’t any rocks. I also told her she was setting a wonderful example for her teenage son who she was having help her, and wasn’t she even a tiny bit concerned about her karma…? She then screamed it was MY karma. OK. I did somehow attract her.

Caught someone going out the back gate with the rock face of Isis. Someone else took the cherry wood base to the “Mother Nature ” carving I had been working on all week to take up to EarthRise. If I had been somewhere else for even a split second I would not have found them putting it in their hatchback.  Whew.

As much as I will miss the garden, I won’t miss any more of that kind of spirit masquerading as human.

I’m not leaving Eden.

It is going out into the world with me.  Edenlight has already done this.

The other evening I was walking around the garden looking for any pretty flower to photograph. There were none. But I have been taking more pictures and finding more beauty out in the world – in nature,  or OTHER peoples’ gardens.  Lots of beauty.   In my inner dialogue with Edenlight the Rainbow Being – daughter of Iris, Goddess of Peace and the Rainbow – I commented that I am finding her increasingly elsewhere. Her response to this was, ” I am everywhere.”  “You have done that?” I asked. “I have done that.” she said.

I believe her.



Our success at grounding The Heavens to Earth at Edenlight is in no small part due to the idea behind this word which I first heard last week as it manifest from the mind and mouth of Johnny Calvert, CFO of IONS: The Institute of Noetic Sciences.

It came up during a discussion about the non-native plants and rocks moving from Edenlight to The EarthRise Retreat Center at IONS. There were some folks questioning if the sacred land would accept this.  I was explaining that my entire creed is based on Non-Exclusivity, and that Edenlight, Rainbow daughter of Iris,  mirrors her mother’s embodiment of ALL colors which make up the One White Light from which we are All made. I explained that Edenlight Garden was composed of the United Nations of Plant, Mineral, and Animal Spirit energies. The first sign I placed in the garden says: All Beings Are Welcome.

A light came upon Johnny’s face, and out came the word: Inclusivity.  It may not actually be a new word, but in the context of the grounding of The Heavens to Earth it assumed new life.

Loving one another and revering all life has no room for the illusion of exclusivity. A strong intellect is by no means a prophylactic against narrow-mindedness; against the compelling third dimensional illusions of separation.

Nor is it the mind alone which is capable of grasping the infinite power and beauty contained within the Truth of our unity; our Oneness. The heart must be fully employed to catalyze such divine magic. And magic it is.

Those religious and spiritual groups and institutions which fail to recognize Inclusivity as the magic key shall continue to fail at their supposed ultimate goal until this changes within them.

The World is full of Buddhist, Christian, Islamic and countless other enclaves of snobbishness or exclusivity which literally keeps heaven from their doors. The Islamic Jihad is one of the greatest examples of spiritual self sabotage imaginable. That is simply the extreme. ALL forms of exclusivity keep that door closed, which creates a form of incestuous dead-end disfunction. Self righteousness fits in this category famously.

Be very suspicious of Anything claiming to be THE ONLY WAY to Source which already dwells in all things: All of US.  Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, and ALL Bodhisattva agree whole heartedly.

I Flower

IMG_7557My best thinking – or unthinking- takes place when I am surrounded by the elements and beings of nature; I am immersed in the solar life giving brilliance or shadow – husband to the unconditional acceptance of Gaia- and the open-ended creation within which She herself is but a questionless floating ever-germinating seed.

It is here amongst flowers and rain, birds and stars, that I am most receptive to receiving poetry and peace, and the greater understanding that I give these to myself from the Source I can perhaps temporarily seem to resist, but never cease being a creative or beloved part of.

In this I am the flower, the fruit, and the seed of my own perpetuity.

Laid Back

IMG_7738Two long leafy arms.   Support my back

As I face the sun.          In the deep blue

Living sky.


I lay my head.               In the wye

Of a stout shady branch.   And see a high

White cloud slide by.


I would do it again.    Any chance that comes

To look into the heavens.  To feel the sun

On my face.


I soak in this river.    Of kindness like a balm;

This warmth a portrait.   Of all penetrating,

All satisfying  grace.


From EdenLight to EarthRise


This announcement is being distributed at the IONS conference at the Oakland Marriott July 20 – 23.  Two months ago I didn’t even realize this dream could happen.

When my eviction from Edenlight the garden began( after 25 years of ever increasing dedication and success at grounding the Heavens to Earth) I had no way of knowing that The Universe had even more wonderful plans for us.

This segue is to a symbiosis of both scientific and spiritual passion and pursuit.

Our mutual dedication to The RISE of Earth and Mankind is a heavenly marriage made right here on the rising Earth.

My sincere gratitude goes out to those who always believed in me and the growing number, most especially now at EarthRise, who believe now.

The Heavens HAVE been grounded, and our ascension – The SHIFT of the entire planet to the new Aquarian Age paradigm –  is our united and foregone purpose.

We are dreaming in this reality with a focused alliance of our hearts and minds.

We are indeed the graduating class of humanity. It has NEVER been an empty promise.

It shall no longer be a battle of mind versus heart, but a consecration of the greater unification.

God Looks Just Like US


One of God’s many cameo appearances

We have always looked just like “God”, but God has not always looked like us.

It is all metaphoric, for an experiential reference while in the third dimension.

In that mysterious BEGINNING already existed all points in “time”, all universes, all fractal expression, all creation possibility.  Including us now.

We are each a phenomenal singular aspect of Source consciousness embodied in our current expressive form.  “God” is not whole without each of us, each bee, each microbe, each world populated with humanoids very similar to ourselves.

The greatest rewards come to those who embrace this holy unity of creation with hearts who’s level of loving allowance without judgement approaches that coming from our infinitely loving Origin.

What we look like is a handy way for us to earn to get along with truly meaningless differences, as well as to simply get along with ourselves. The more we judge someone else’s appearance (or life style) the deeper we are sucked into the tar pit behind the mirror.

So yes, we look just like God, and God looks just like us, as well as trees, rocks, furniture, UFO’s, oceans, comets, peanut butter and graham crackers.

It simply requires getting out of our 3D box minds preoccupied with the survival of the flesh (courtesy of our 2 3D strands of biological DNA), and begin resonating with those aspects of our 10 other strands of Divine genetics which best serve us and  cannot be observed via microscope. That is when we “see” the “God” in all that is and know it is an integral part of ourselves.

We can redesign the way God looks, any time we want. That is but one of the gifts awaiting within our own encoded divinity which is now awakening across the planet!


Sale Update and NEW GARDEN!

The final date of EdenLight the Garden is July 31. All prices are now 50% off or less. As everything at Edenlight is perfectly enchanted with heavenly frequencies, anything you buy and take home includes this priceless bonus of paradigm shifting energy.

The transition of art, minerals and magic up to EarthRise now includes plants as well. , I’ve got the go ahead to create a mini Edenlight Portal Garden at Earthrise and have already taken up 6 truck loads of plants., and tons of special boulders.

Please understand that I am donating my life’s work to a world class non-profit scientific/metaphysical retreat center. To make this new creation work, other than the mountain of material I am donating, there is no funding for labor, irrigation, tractor work, deer fencing , etc.

This new installation will contain the Love Grounding Engine portal columns, as well as the Turtle Island Mandala. It will be a destination point for any embracing the shift we are undergoing.

I am going to put together a “Go Fund Me” for this project, but don’t know how to go about it yet.

Edenlight deserves no less.

Thank you for all ideas and support.

In Transition

IMG_5793Planting a heart of naked lady lilies along the road up to EarthRise.


A drop of nectar glistens, filling the tiny bottom lip of a finger nail size wild orchid blossom.

A plump, sleep, unusually dark brown, rather than golden, alligator lizard parked itself by the base of the failing deer fence.

The disassembled redwood stage, unscrewed board by board, revealed not one, not two, but three juvenile o’possums who wandered off in search of new sanctuary. This seems to be happening to lots of people.

The giant rocks are gone, a forest of trees remains, and remains so little time here to smell the roses’ fruity scents, or the burnt sugar, cotton candy fragrance mysteriously hovering around the Katsura tree, which I always took as a gift from the elementals.

All of the chickens are gone, a strange kind of empty, with no more rooster serenades. No Gandalf medicine.


Gardeners and nature lovers get to play amongst some of the most beautiful tips and expressions of all creation. They, and planet lovers , shall inherit the New Earth, where ALL space shall be known as sacred, and appear so.  We needn’t expect less.


As it may now be called,  featuring our new grounding color in the form of a perfect hue of aqua Aventurine, and being the most sophisticated ( that was the adjective given in 2013) “computer chip” of SiO2 (quartz) on the planet, the triangle embodies infinite active joyful undaunted potential.  Included in this capacity is very much its operational and manifest purpose to receive individually and collectively our highest intentions and incorporate them into the new paradigm. That’s why we are here. The triangle is not more intelligent than we are, but certainly more conscious.  Let’s not confuse the two concepts.

The triangle is one of the heaviest Edenlight installations to yet be moved in the next few weeks.

OUR MOST PRECIOUS CHALLENGE is to embody the magic of our own innate Divinity. A fully open heart is the passkey.


Manifesting our Choices


Now that I am entering a world full of scientists who are bridging the “worlds” of hard physics and metaphysics, I have sound incentive to rethink some of my rebellion against Western Consciousness. Thomas Merton agrees.


The IRIS/ World Peace Shrine, now at EarthRise.  Edenlight lives on over the Greater Planet now.

I have long known that balance is lovely. And I am beginning to see some, as the worlds of Spirit, interdimensionality, and divine magic are actually enjoying more popular and respectful attention. Some people are totally aware that The Heavens are in fact already grounded to Earth. – but what does that really mean to everyone?  We will surely see over the next 20 or so years, as we all begin to appreciate the union of East and West, Yin and Yang, Blue and Green ( it makes Aqua: our new grounding color), and the magnificent understanding that we are all part of only one infinitely varied thing. All create something greater than the sum of their parts.

I have made whole lists of just such advantageous dichotomous unions just for the fun of it;   Alice and Ralph, Wine and Cheese, Cats and Mice, Black and White, Pentecostals and Buddhists ….

I know in self honesty that I have never felt I had the discipline (or desire) to follow strict scientific thought or procedure. In that truth comes a greater respect for those who pursue and do this, the physical, 3D science and its role in human evolution, for it is doubtful that neither science nor metaphysics are in any danger of disappearing into one another.




If If we are able to imagine WANTING to be influenced by something, what does that mean?  How can we then imagine what that influence might be , if it is something we don’t yet resonate with or possess?  If we can’t imagine that the something that’s missing is our perfect access to EVERYTHING , why did I even wonder this?

I believe I have always longed to be influenced by the purest possible truth.  Why?  It came through the birth canal with me.  And many times before.  And I too, like most people, forget to breathe deeply often enough.

It is only now, nearing 69 years of age, that I begin to understand the power within a clear, clean focus of intent, as well as all of its opposing obstacles.

My core intent was to be influenced by something I already had,  but needed help finding within the 3-D morass of history, culture, religion, family, media science, and the innate knowing that I needed  to activate the 10 other divine strands of DNA – making the 2 that account for our biology and limited physical mind quite a bit less dominant, yet healthier.  We all have 12 strands.

I was, and AM, able to imagine being influenced by something so much more important than fabricated information appearing on a screen. We have had “1984”  for quite a while now.  It’s as good an opponent as any, though, for it has captured all of us at one time or another ( if not continuously) which is actually a propitious common denominator.  We all share enormous common lessons of falsehood and truth.

By important, I mean create a paradigm that is loving, compassionate, equitable, respectful, creative, nonjudgmental, and just generally caring about, and for, ALL life. If we open our hearts, we should be able to slide through this very active cosmic shift we are in as though we all just got outfitted with PowerGlide transmissions.

The true dream is not to imagine this, but to EMBODY it.

If death is the awakening from the dream of life,  what I imagine, then is the removal of any distinction:  which is but a veneer of something we call fear.  Fear has had, and continues to have,  a lot of influence.

It’s all about choosing the influence of a grander illusion.

And we are doing that!



Turquoise, Pink Andara, Turkey Feather,Chinese Sandstone.