NOTES about Truth

Have always tended to err on the side of caution and conservatism, except when the greatest works came about. Err?

From my chair in Starship Command, outside the open door (of the gazebo), the view of the Star Drive, which Edenlight IS, is transforming, being superficially disassembled, and yet its many layers of depth and enchantment are not diminishing at all. The deal has been”sealed”:  All the heavens.  Believe, which is rather important, and we will be awash in the rainbow diamond light that is already here.  How is it a star drive?  Something here on Earth needed to resonate perfectly with where we are going.  That is the Law of Attraction, which everything must conform to.  This HAS BEEN DONE.

Two different kinds of butterfly, a large black one with a blue stripe, and a small golden ochre one, as well as a red dragonfly, came and posed for me within a short amount of time right after my smart phone went dead and could not take photos. all three primary colors were there. Aargh. A unicorn might as well have sauntered by. The dragonfly actually waited for me to go to the gazebo and get my regular digital camera. All my nature books for ID are in storage right now, as I am packing to leave.

It is less than three weeks until the longest day of the year in our hemisphere. The Summer Solstice. This is going to be a special one. Yes, they all are. But this is 2017, a major player in the paradigm shift we are well into. We are not going to go back again this time.

How hard would it be for you to turn off your TV and stop watching real but fake world news? That would sure help repair racial consciousness.  They can’t survive with no audience. Drama sells big time. It has always worked for them. There is no more monumentally shameful example than the lie we were given on 9/11. That is TRUTH.


This is Truth

Much truth is being revealed now. we can handle the REAL truth, which is basically that we have been manipulated by enormously selfish agendas for a long long time, and are now ready to move forward from the radiant heart as opposed to the reactive brain.  There is only ONE HEART, which actually makes truth a very simple thing.


P1440882Looking across the tall early summer grass into the late afternoon sun, the dragonflies’ unpredictable flight paths catch more of the golden light than the glittering blizzard of  smaller midges, mosquitos, and other tiny winged insects all stirring the warm air in a constant flurry of random trajectories and lazy spirals: a hypnotic sort of screen saver, only this screen saver is you.  And may well be saving you.IMG_2484


IMG_3625Confidence must be an aspect of love, particularly self love, especially since fear is more or less the opposite of love. Arrogance is definitely not self love.

Confidence meshes nicely with Belief and Knowingness, so they must be part of Love as well.

Source Love would have everything at least be in balance, and preferably in a state of reverent non-analytical bliss. Since there are some who might find this boring, Divine Grace allows for all choices.

Far more miracles manifest from confidence than from fear.

The highest level of confidence is one which embodies complete trust in one’s inner divinity.  That body, mind, soul partnership (The Whole Being) makes for a synchronous incarnation. That which is desired is achieved. The word “faith” is closely allied with this level of confidence. It makes for a radiant rather than reactive self.

I was once taught that there are three kinds of Love: Agape (Divine or unconditional Love), Philos ( brotherly or familial Love), and Eros (physical or sensual Love). While these may address some of the more obvious love connections between two humans, it doesn’t begin to acknowledge the infinite diverse love liaisons that hold the multiverse together in its entirety.

A confident heart will not be dissuaded by the prospect of little or no immediate reward, for a greater reward is perceived to underlie it all, and this in turn – this confidence- reflects out brightly upon the life form possessing it.

Humans were designed to do this perfectly, and in countless ways.



IMG_4159Do explorers find something that was already there, or is there enough awe in in the discovery that it is their own creation?

If either is possible, then both are.

The well known observer effect in physics has shown that two controlled experiments with opposite intentions will often produce opposite results based on expectation.

All reality is belief based, so it is important to hold high intentions and expectations. All of the time. Don’t let mass media be your surrogate explorer. If there really is a Matrix, then that’s one rabbit hole it surely dwells in.

There is the exploration of inner and outer space. We are increasingly using technology as how we depend upon having the experience of discovery, as though nature doesn’t provide plenty of that already. Technology is the true surrogate which is masking and displacing our innate divine creative potential. You are right: I have yet to send this blog psychically out into the world, but I’m working on it.

Not to mention  – OK, I’m about to – those latent dormant abilities snoring away in our ten divine strands of DNA. It is what we’ve all been waiting for: our direct access to Source Harmonics.

If Source Harmonics, which is a sneaky but accurate way of saying God, were to fit in a nut shell, it would include these few things: A state of nonjudgmental allowance, intense joy in creation, a love so indescribable it saturates and remains within everything, or nothing would exist, whether it is miserable or not, and…expectation of nothing in return.

However, should this quantum state of love and compassion, of which we are all a part,  be reciprocated, it has the capability and inclination to multiply its blessing ten fold.

We are all explorers. Who is to say we are timid or misguided, those who do not walk in our boots, and know not the details of our personal journey within the quantum experience?




This White Swan Passionflower knows nothing about chaos.  If you study it long enough, you won’t either.

We will tolerate mayhem and chaos only so long until we reorganize our consciousness into a more sustainable harmonic of loving the diversity within our Unity.

That is when our divinity begins to recognize itself from the inside out.

EARTH RISE; All Reality is Belief Created

A metaphoric segue manifestation is occurring on behalf of the Planet and all life in all dimensions.

Edenlight The Physical/ Etheric Garden, where the Twelve Lower Heavens have been securely grounded and anchored to Mother Earth during her 25 years of fulfilling this sacred unprophesied purpose, is now being dismantled and dispersed into the surrounding world. Awesome particle mandala that she IS, every enchanted plant, rock, or artifact is carrying that magic to a new level now. All visitors to the closing of Edenlight actually feel her magic – many before they even get there, and they take it home with them.

The elegant segue that is taking place is her move to Earth Rise. Once I had reached that extremely challenging point of surrender, and knew I was not going to be able to buy the land Edenlight grew on, I achieved that state of vacuum whereby something greater – another opening door- might be possible.

The first week of the liquidation sale, the Director of EarthRise Retreat at IONS came to Edenlight in response to a Craig’s List post, believing she came to buy some plants for her home.


I have never experienced a more instantaneous rapport with someone on the understanding that we would be of tremendous mutual benefit.

Earth Rise, along with The Institute of Noetic Science (Ions), is the 194 acre retreat and legacy of the late visionary astronaut Edgar Mitchell. Edgar had a spiritual revelation in space, realizing the unity of all things. He was able to see the The Earth Rising over the Moon – a perspective not possible from here – except perhaps at Edenlight, where I have had my own sacred version of that experience.

I have been invited to install Edenlight’s collection of shrines, altars, art; the mineral components of her magic, at Earth Rise. I couldn’t be more thrilled. Earth Rise is a world class international venue for the grounding of Heaven to Earth both spiritually and intellectually. I didn’t even know this retreat existed, though I knew a little about IONS. It is 20 minutes away.

The Light of Eden is already here. That part is done. Now from Earth Rise we shall finish the rest of this paradigm altering story. The literal evolution,  or RISE, of Earth. All of nature and the Spirit behind it is fully invested in this miracle, for all of nature is Bodhisattva.

ALL REALITY IS BELIEF BASED.   We will now believe in the full ascension of Earth, Humanity, and the phenomenal ripple effect that is already having throughout The Cosmos. It wouldn’t hurt to turn off the televisions, for that is NOT how the energetic miracle is being achieved.  The gift of NO FEAR is now being delivered.


One of about 50,000 digital photographs of the consciousness that has been monitoring the progress at Edenlight.

Sort of a Lotus Sermon

When the Lotus Blossom is still a closed bud,

It is not so easy to see the prayers and the promises,

That the folded hands conceal.

When its time has come, the Fibonacci grail,

In its geo-sacred petalous unfoldment,

Is held up above its liquid mirror image,

By a thin fluted pedestal of cellulose and hydrostatic wonder,

Capturing the halos of Helos in the loving chalice,

And giving it back to our eyes and our hearts,

In the forms and etheros  of color, scent, sound,

Procreation, Community, Geometry, and Philosophy;

All of which is Love.

Far above this sun inspired sacrament

The forward curving tips of the black silhouette

Of a turkey vulture is motionless,

Except for the lazy spiral of the thermal it is hanging onto.

It can neither see nor smell the Lotus

Which is looking directly up at it,

And not a bit nervous, or curious even,

But deeply moved, highly respectful, and broadly grateful,

With no thought whatsoever.


This Cactus has no illusions whatsoever about being a Lotus. It definitely would not like to live in the water. Other than that there’s no real difference.

The Rainbow Crossing


A chain of rainbow orb beings in the night sky over the gazebo at Edenlight 2 nights ago.

IMG_0626 (1)

The second iconic photograph of the Rainbow Goddess  EDENLIGHT in the sky over her garden on Jan. 1, 2013 at 1:30 in the morning.  Her healing alchemic love now goes viral as Edenlight the physical garden in dispersed into the surrounding world:  Every single particle of enchanted plant, rock, or artifact!

The Violet Flame of Saint Germaine,   Now appears in many places:

Rearview mirrors, peripheral vision,  And the smiles of awakening faces.

A time of great compassion now,  Is hovering about our hearts;

The gift of Bodhisattva love,  As The Masters play their parts.

Jeshua, Mary, Buddha, Lakshmi,   Ganesha, Gabriel, and Kwan Yin;

All the love that’s gone before,  Now return to bring love in.

The birds, the quartz, the butterflies,  Ranks of ferns on mossy banks,

Glaciers calving into oceans,  To these and ALL we owe our thanks.

Sing, dance, multiply;  Unless you prefer to divide,

Embrace diversity within our unity,  Both mountains deep and rivers wide.

The violet flame of Saint Germaine,  Is neither purple nor blue;

And not exactly amethyst either;  For how can love have only one hue?

Hear that love in every tone,   Illuminating tint and shade;

Enjoy the peace reflecting back,   And forget to be afraid.


An alchemic cactus, which we are every bit as capable of loving as IT is. If you can’t SEE this love, maybe try rebooting your own computer.

A Piece of Driftwood

IMG_4099This piece of natural root graft, willow and light weight, was in a drift of castaway wood bits ranging in size from a little finger to a utility pole – deposited by the highest tide and waves up against the base of a rock cliff at a well known beach where an English explorer for the Queen harbored his Auric Stag while exploring western Marin County.

I wrote that in historic code so I wouldn’t get busted for removing a natural artifact from one of the sacred National Monuments that a well known personality in East Florida wants to close so that the drilling may commence…We would very much like that to be Fake News.

OK, enough rancor. The whole point; the thing I noticed about this bit of transformed life support of some specie of Salix ( the Native Americans used the salicylic acid from willow to deal with headaches, and the Bayer company has done well with that knowledge)  was the magic it held.

FIRST: Two roots, not necessarily from the same tree, had crossed, and when the cambium was young, tender, and thin, bonded and grew together strongly as one, with buttress calluses at the four angled intersections, and jointly conducted water, nutrients, and sugars manufactured by the foliage above.

SECOND: It occurred to me that the X formed dendritic tissue had been reshaped, rounded and smoothed by the sacred conscious kinetic interaction of H2O, in this case Pacific Ocean water, and SiO2, silicon dioxide, or quartz- backbone of the cyber age, and the primary constituent of non-lava sand.

THIRD: When I began to hold, and essentially carress its soft texture with my fingers and palms; this gift of borrowed flotsam, in the light of how it had come to be like this – or to have come to me at all- I connected with the Consciousness behind all manifestation. Though but a piece of a temporary structure, it seemed saturated with the rhythm of timelessness.

Nature surrounds us with such “natural” kick starters, animate or not.

When we understand the only thing separating us from anything – from All things – is the auto-protective illusion of Self, our enjoyment and synchronous appreciation and co-creation with the multi-verse around us blossoms exponentially. Namaste.

EDENLIGHT Sale Reminder

img_2600Again, for the benefit of local Bay Area people,  The liquidation sale at Edenlight,  475 Gage Lane, Novato is going on Monday thru Friday, 1-6, and weekends 10-6. Bring a truck for moving out into the world aspects of the most awesome particle mandala on the planet:  Specimen trees, ornamental plants, edible plants, boulders, rocks, and volumes of Edenlight’s magical compost, soil!

As long as Edenlight is being dismantled, lets now spread the gift where it counts: IN Your World.

Thank you.