Woodland Magic

Magic is of course where you find it.    This shouldn’t be so difficult because it is everywhere.    The most overlooked place is perhaps within the divine code of our DNA.    There are many ancient systems in place to dissuade us from believing it, but on the other hand, never has the cosmos been more aligned to liberate us.     There is a wonderful song now by Zach Williams, titled “Fear Is a Liar”, which addresses a universal truth.     Which brings us back to my favorite teaching of the Archangel Gabriel: “ALL reality is belief based.”

We are equally gifted in being able to choose and manifest magic or chaos.    Chaos is often more convenient, because it is more heavily promoted, and we hate to embarrass ourselves in front of those who only relish it.    These are often our friends, loved ones, and reviled so-called leaders.

I spend a lot of time hiking, much of it in the woods all around Novato.    It is critical to both my physical health, and Earth grounding agenda – and there is a convenient woods on Mt. Burdell right behind my house.    Much of the trilogy I’m writing – ‘EdenWold’ – has come to me among the bays, oaks and buckeyes, often while sitting in favorite trees.

In the past few months my most frequent writing base has been a 15 trunk Bay named Eudora.    She serves also as a shrine and altar, with numerous crystals and minerals discretely tucked into her hollow center.    Typically I will sit in the dark and write on the ‘Notes’ app on my phone.     Rarely do I begin typing, that a whole new piece of narrative fails to manifest.

Two nights ago, after a new chapter had appeared concerning a multi-character expedition atop a flying dragon, I wrapped it up to head home in the dark, with enough power left for the phone light.    A short distance down the rain slippery shoulder of the ravine that Eudora perches at the top of, I noticed a tiny rapid motion on the ground next to an oak.

There was only the faintest breeze, but there was this dead live oak leaf on a tiny twig shaking and spinning like crazy.   “Okay”, I’m thinking.  “What are you trying to tell me?”     I noticed the oak it was next to, divided into two trunks several feet above the ground, and did the only thing I could think of: I hugged it.    This is a practiced and learned behavior on my part.    Tree hugging is not just wrapping your arms around a bark clad being, but a connection of living circuitry.    Sometimes you feel the love flowing up, and sometimes down.    In the case of double trunks, which I have often found to be one yin, and one yang, it becomes a connection and celebration of Life Force itself.    It is a visceral palpable sensation of well being.    This double trunked live oak was no exception.     Or perhaps, rather, it was exceptional.

In the brief time I stood in the near total darkness embracing the tree, I received a clear and unexpected vision.    Expecting magic does not necessarily mean you have to predict what it might be.    Just expecting it is generally enough.

The vision was a colored, geometric, kinetic picture of an energetic aspect of myself – quite possibly of my entire purpose.   Up from the ground flowed a funnel of green light.     From above flowed down an opposing funnel of pink light.     Both met and expanded outward at my solar/heart center, the pink and green becoming a far reaching radiant gold.     The point of the green light grew out of the dome of the Earth, and the pink light descended from the arc of the Heavens.  Where these two colors of love met in the middle,  was perhaps the purpose of life.   Especially as it expands outward to touch all other life.

When I let go of the tree, the leaf was still going to town.    I held the phone light near it to get a better look, and it stopped.    I stood up, backed up, and apologized, thanking it for getting my attention.    In no time it was shaking like a leaf again.    I watched it for a long time, mentioning various things I am grateful for.    I excused myself, walked a short way downhill, and turned a last time to look at it.    It was no longer moving.    It would have been quite easy to believed I had simply experienced some vagary of precocious wind.

That was the vision.    Not very complicated.     Fits what I already believe.    When I left the woods, and was on the open muddy trail beneath a moonless sky, I noticed that Orion and The Plieades  were above my right shoulder.    The recent vision continued to take on such clarity that it could easily become a painting.

What does your painting of yourself look like?     Where do anthropomorphic and deopomorphic conflict?    We become easily lost in the imagined differences.     I think I made up one of those words, but couldn’t think of a better one.


Meeting Beyond the Mind

Where do attachment and expectation meet?     One generally learns much of the heart of Buddhism – or any path that leads back through the heart – the hard way.   By losing something and letting it go.

And that is that suffering wouldn’t occur without one of the many forms of attachment  involved.    We learn that by letting go of an idea, a person, an object, a crusade, a fear, something better is gained.     It may be a tough sell, but there is never extra room for divine manifestation in a full vessel.

Where does expectation come in here?    One of the first things a life coach learns is the effects of expectations versus agreements in one’s relationship with any of the infinitely possible attachments.    Especially if it’s a relationship.   But then what isn’t a relationship?     It doesn’t exist.     If that’s what you believe.    Getting out of our comfort zone, no matter how miserable it might be, is never automatically easy.

I was good with knowing that by losing, I gained.     This is not to be confused with having fun.     Then it occurred to me that I am continuously expecting quite a lot, and am really quite attached to what it is.

I am expecting a great awakening.    Soon would of course be wonderful, as it’s certainly been predicted long enough.     The ongoing political media side show distracts entirely from the “secret” insidious stuff being actively implemented all the time to keep us off balance.     It works very well on most people.     Much of it is in plain “unbelievable” sight.     For instance, weather broadcasters aren’t allowed  to mention the massive six decades old chemtrail operation that makes fools out of their predictions.     This is not a “theory” but a blatant act of crowd consciousness suppression.     So, yes, I am attached to the idea that people might wake up from this and all the other abuses we benignly allow to be done to us.     It won’t stop until we collectively demand it, which must begin with our believing it.

I am attached to the idea of, and the truth of, and inevitable manifestation of, an awakened, enlightened, liberated, – and happy finally – mass of divine beings: US.

Does my being attached to this put a jinx on my master plan?    Of course not, unless I’m weak enough to be talked out of believing it.

As every speck of reality is belief based, just as quantum and particle physics is proving, it is important to believe responsibly.     Being attached to the expectation that a golden shift in human consciousness is imminent is pointless without believing it.    Just as pointless as believing that you can’t live without something that you really can.

But then learning how to openly believe that everything is ours to begin with, in the face of every imaginable third dimensional challenge, is one of the requisites.

When enough beings share in the same selfless expectation (for where else will peace be found?) it is no longer an attachment, but a collective mandate for Reattachment.   And rewards beyond popular description.

Can we have expectation without attachment?   It is how we define both words.     Do we choose to be lost in semantics or simply liberated in truth?

It would be, and is, very simple to believe that all of the above words are flowery nonsense, and to deny their truth.     It is truly easier to complain, or not, and not really think about why the world is the way it is, without remembering that we Are the why and the what of it all.

I am now going to go sit on the couch, watch Fox News, and eat a nice processed snack.

As Above; So Below

As above; so below, is about US.    Our world around us is the unwitting and inevitable result of our own divine creative power.      What we may believe is being done “to” us, we are actually doing ourselves “for” (or “against”) us.    We can only lament that which we have manifest and empowered with our systems of belief.     Our divinity never separates itself from anything made from it – which is everything.     Our not believing this has a powerfully chaotic effect which usually tempts us to blame someone or something else.    Do not confuse this with any kind of written doctrine, which can only obscure and not illuminate.     We each resonate with Source, because it is always within us,  in infinitely unique ways.     Imagining above and below as separate is an ancient conspiracy of suppression of the divine.

We TOO Are The Gift

It is well not to just think of life itself as a gift, but to become gratefully aware of the phenomenal giveaway that is our personal divinity: our being part of all that is, through our own infinitely finite selves.    That understanding is the mystical “secret” of the ages, lived, experienced, and taught by every ascended Master.    If we need to understand “scientifically,” then understand that this “miracle” is encoded in our twelve – not two – strands of DNA.    We too are “God”, but never the whole thing, as the somewhat intelligent “self” has deluded many to believe.     To appreciate that this is truth means to cherish the tiny, yet universal, role we each get to play.     It is our only important role, and always with immense potential when accepted.    Therein lies the magic of Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, Melchizedek, Mother Mary, Krishna, Quan Yin, Lakshmi, Devi, and countless others both recognized and unknown by the masses struggling through their individual paths.     Each of these is aware that they are among the infinite expressions of Source Consciousness, but never separate – each a slightly different flavor of the One Personality of Creation.

The center of the universe connecting all that is lies within each of us, even when we are lost in our own colorful and elaborate darkness.    The only “sin”, if such a thing truly exists, is to disavow this truth and behave in an inevitable disconnected way, causing selfish harm to ourselves or others.

What Kind of Combination Lock Are We?

Supreme Consciousness, The Tao, The Divine, “God”; whatever name we may assign to this mystery of infinite creation, might be viewed as every open heart in the multiverse.    It clearly can’t yet be claimed by humanity as a group.   The unfathomable “everything” has countless open hearts, and only then is it all One thing, one system.    Humanity has been given countless opportunities – not the least part of which is Grace – and has long been the elusive key to unlocking the nature of the golden Pan – Eden for all beings everywhere.   It is not so much a place as a state.

We had to try every other possible option or challenge including  very counter intuitive acts of self and mutual annihilation before letting them go and reaping the silk of paradise – no matter what one might consider that state to really be.    To do this, and there are those who believe we are finally close, we had to go through all those past and current crazy things that we either do, or allow others to do for us – or to us.    It’s been a long harsh repetitive process of remembering we all deserve more.

Those who don’t, can’t, WON’T, awaken to self and mutual love and acceptance, will remain the magnetic core of the spitting image of life on Old Earth.    They can always have that.   The rest of us, who intuitively understand that we are EACH the key, each an integral number in the combination of ONE THING, shall surely enjoy the New Earth we are creating.   To believe this is a fantasy is to choose to remain behind the old door.

EdenWold, The Trilogy

EdenWold the novel has decided it’s a trilogy for sure.    The first revised draft of EdenWold, Book One, is finished,   And Book Two is off to a fun start.

So far, the cast of interacting characters includes Girl, Dragon, Bur the raccoon, Lena the bantam and other chickens, hedgehogs, quail, giraffes, kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, toucans, camels (both dromedary and bactrian),  mountain goats, a vulture named Buzz, a unicorn named Faith, a box turtle named Mortimer, a beaver family headed by Warden and Juno Carver, a cricket named Tian, and a king snake named Stan.   Of course there are talking trees.    And other conscious things.

Girl’s teaching arena around the fire pit has already had several holographic presentations of significant world changing events.    The community is currently preoccupied with construction of a ferry terminal to deal with a river that appeared overnight, separating the western end of the proliferating garden.    We assume the Carvers shall more than prove their worth in this endeavor.

The standup comedy troupe of hyenas has yet to appear.


I haven’t been blogging much lately, because I have been channeling my most inspired writing into a re-do of a book I wrote in 2011-2012, while still living in Edenlight Garden.   The book, which may be growing into a trilogy, is titled EdenWold.   When I finished the first draft, which I had enjoyed so much, I went into a kind of separation grief, which then prompted the following year-long construction of the heavens grounding aqua aventurine triangle and Jesus shrine.   Not at all unrelated to the book.    It’s not about Jesus, but what Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Mother Mary, Mohammed, the Archangels, Gaia herself, the goddesses Iris, Isis, Lakshmi, Kwan Yin & Mary Magdalene,  the Nature Spirits, and Elementals have all tried to teach us about ourselves.    Especially the “selves” part.

The story, while largely inspired by my twenty-seven years at Edenlight, a magic garden created cooperatively with infinite Spirit, is taking on a life of its own.   It lives in me.   I dream chapters.   I dreamed two this morning before waking up.  I write whole chapters while seated amongst magical trees in the dark woods at night.    As an artist who is happiest in the midst of a project, this is the current project.

The revised EdenWold now has 44 chapters, and is at about 40,000 words.   I have both laughed and cried while writing it.   And there is a lot more coming, as it encompasses now about a third of the first draft – with a lot of the older stuff thrown out as richer material presents itself.

What is it about?   Everything, maybe?      In a nutshell ( I had a full visual sensory revelation several months ago that my awesome 27 year experience at Edenlight could be contained inside a walnut shell); it is about the New Earth that is both coming and already here.   The story itself is peopled by a diverse array of beings, from all life kingdoms, though the central characters are a magical girl, a dragon, a raccoon, a chicken, a snake, and a unicorn.   And trees.   The story itself is a zoological and botanical Ark.

The world of EdenWold grows from a tiny spot where we first meet the girl, who then meets the dragon under conditions only stressful to the dragon, to a richly evolved planet.   The girl, who’s name is Girl,  both deva and teacher,  creates first her ever evolving garden, EdenWold, and then teaches the beings who begin appearing to create it themselves.   Her teachings include lectures around a large communal fire pit with time traveling holograms over the fire,   and exploration via dragon flight.   And “adventures.”    If that sounds too simplified, that’s because it is.

Of course I love re-reading and editing it myself, but the greater hope is that others will get something both entertaining and meaningful as well.   I do envision finishing it this year, 2018.

It’s not The Lord of the Rings, (which I’ve read three times in the last 50 years), but perhaps the Ring of the Lords.

Just Another Secret

The more love and respect we are able to recognize everything with, the more personal and endearing are the rewards revealed, offered, and given.  This is the active nuclear core of all true divine magic.  Whether we see and accept these innate gifts of benevolence is entirely up to us.  And it’s not a trick.

Seeing the See

In pursuit of fully sensing and embracing the wondrous healing and creative benefits of Oneness, and “all” its interconnections and diversities, as pure adored beauty, this inexplicably Grace saturated experience we may be having further fleshes out with  the added awe of understanding it is only a finite brush stroke on a richly textured, yet vast and most supple canvas of possible Creation.   What we commonly don’t understand, or see, or care to admit, is that our seemingly personal vignette touches Us where we touch It -while commonly failing to love and recognize our own unique signature upon the interactive cosmos.

When we perceive life only from the center of Self, that nurturing home of attachments, darkness and pain that boils up so easily from within the void, we are temporarily, though it may be perceived as an eternity, blinded by the works of our own hand.   Blinded to the greater beauty that we are not only passing through, but intimately a part of within the continuum of a long forgotten choice.

When we enjoy a magical place in nature, or amongst others, at peace with the world and at peace with ourselves, we are at that moment The Magic Marker of God, leaving our own flourish upon the art gallery and library of the Multiverse.    The consciousness of each of us is a pen or paint brush touching the Zero Point in the Quantum Field of All That Is.

To perceive a nest of baby birds, the steady stroke of a water bug, a mountain side covered with quaking aspen, sparks rising high above a bonfire, or a hungry child in the street, as virtual aspects of ourselves is to begin actually seeing what we see.