Mexican Yellow Onyx Owl. (on the left)

IMG_1579.JPGMy name is Brian George, born 8/18/48, in Dayton, Ohio, and have lived in Marin County, California since 1975.img_0851I  have been guided to build a magic garden over the past 25 years. When the garden, which I was then operating as a landscape nursery, was about 19 years old I heard a clear sweet female voice announce: “I am Edenlight.” If that wasn’t exciting enough, on January 1,2013, at 1:30 AM, I inexplicably chose to take photos in the night sky, and was rewarded with a series of spectacular full color photos as Edenlight morphed across the screen. I had already been taking photos of orbs [individual points of consciousness expressed as light] for several years, but this was the first of many images given to me in full color  ectoplasm. Edenlight is a Rainbow Being,like Iris, the unsung goddess of both peace and the rainbow. The digital flash camera somehow captures these wavelengths of light the eye does not perceive. This adventure goes on and reveals new information over time.My mood and intentions seem to have an effect  on what comes through. The most colorful and recognizable images came between January and February, 2013. Since then the images have evolved such that all I can really say is that my relationship with the quantum field of all “reality” has been enhanced. As a mystic with the ability to communicate with virtually any unseen consciousness, this is encouraging.Heaven is already here.As human consciousness – especially the hearts- open in mass awareness, the job we’ve all awaited through so many lifetimes shall be done, with an immeasurably bright benefit to the entire multiverse-to all life forms.Yes,we do each have the image and intent of “God” within us (not just our hearts), but few of us have been allowed to properly assimilate that gift. In my 25 years at Edenlight, the last 10 living much of the time in a gazebo at her center, the etheric-elemental gifts have been more than bounteous. I am told I am a bridge, an 11, an etheric-elemental, and I am still joyously learning what that means. I hope you can learn along with me. THANK YOU.

It is important to understand that this is not fantasy. No photos that appear here, whether physical 3D or metaphysical images, have been altered in any way whatsoever.I have neither the interest or ability to change the digital pictures as my camera took them.They are amazing enough without having to tamper with them. They to me are proof of the infinite possible variables spanning many dimensions of frequency and consciousness. If I suggest my own interpretation of an image, it is because that is what I received.  You may see something quite different, and guess what? Who can say you are wrong? In the final analysis, we are all One, and we are infinitely divinely unique.  Give yourself (and everyone else) permission to be who you were created to be.

© 2017 Brian George